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Alzheimer's Disease:
A Family Affair and a Growing Social Problem

(Released April 2001)

  by Sandra S. Stanton  


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amyloid: a waxy substance consisting of protein in combination with polysaccharides that is deposited in some animal organs and tissues under abnormal conditions (as Alzheimers disease)

dementia: as in Alzheimers, a condition of deteriorated mentality, often with emotional apathy

Durable Power of Attorney: a witnessed document by which one person authorizes a second person to act in the first persons behalf with regard to medical and end-of-life decisions

Elderhostel: a not-for-profit organization providing affordable, educational travel for older adults

Living Trust: a notarized legal document by which a person states that some or all of his or her property, or Estate, be held in Trust by a Trustee (which can be the same person), thereby simplifying the eventual disposition of the Estate and, in some cases, avoiding probate of the Estate after the persons death

neurons: cells with specialized processes that are the fundamental functional unit of nervous tissue

ombudsman: in the case of persons unable to care for themselves, such as those with Alzheimers, a person appointed to see that caregivers do not neglect, abuse, or take advantage of those in their care

peptide: any of various amides that are derived from two or more amino acids by combination of the amino group of one acid with the carboxyl group of another, and that are usually obtained by partial hydrolysis of proteins

plaque: a histopathologic lesion of brain tissue that is characteristic of Alzheimers disease and consists of a cluster of degenerating nerve endings and dendrites around a core of amyloid

Power of Attorney, also, General Power of Attorney: a notarized legal document by which one person authorizes a second person to act in the first persons behalf with regard to legal and financial matters

Successor Trustee: in the case of a Living Trust, a person named by the original Trustee to succeed him or her as Trustee