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An Overview and Brief History of Southern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclones

(Released June 2012)

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  by Adam Arnold  


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Although the southern hemisphere contains roughly a third of the global tropical cyclone amount annually, there have certainly been some historical and devastating storms that the people of these areas will always remember.  Sometimes we may forget about other areas of the globe that are affected by tropical cyclones, and sometimes we may take for granted the satellites, radars, and warning systems that we have in advance of tropical cyclones.  Our ability to be able to know when a storm is coming, calculate its approximate future track, and warn our citizens is something that people in poorer places like Madagascar and Mozambique do not have.  They must rely on countries such as the United States, France, and Australia to provide this information, which then must be relayed through dated communication means to citizens in the affected areas.  These people must then either ride out the storm in poorly constructed buildings, or they must brave treacherous road conditions in poor weather to evacuate to somewhat safer areas. It is therefore important that we monitor the situation and contribute to disaster relief efforts when possible.

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