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Adelard's Questions and Ockham's Razor:
Connections between Medieval Philosophy and Modern Science
Asbestos in the United States
Occurrences, Use and Control
What Place in Our Energy Future?
Breakaway Regions of the Former Soviet Union
Capturing the Wind:
Power for the 21st Century
Climate Models and Global Climate Change
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals
European Fisheries History:
Pre-industrial Origins of Overfishing
Forgive Us Our Trespasses?
The Rise of Consumer Debt in Modern America
From Building Design to Prime Time:
Forensic Engineering Miracles
Geothermal Energy:
Drilling Beneath the Surface
Hidden Histories:
The Story of Sustainable Design
Hydrothermal Vent Communities
The Medicolegal Death Investigator:
An Evolution in Crime Scene Investigations Relating to Unexpected Deaths
Multiracial Identity and the U.S. Census
Natural Miracles:
What Functional Foods Can Do for You?
(NO?) Strings Attached:
Female guitarists in contemporary music
Plugging Into the Future:
Smart Grids
Why Not the Sun?
Advantages of and Problems with Solar Energy
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The Discovery Guides Series provides a sampling of the resources of CSA and CSA Illumina.