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Radon in Drinking Water Issues
(Released February 2000)



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Web Sites
  1. Air Quality: Radon
    (South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Pierre, SD 57501, USA)

  2. Environmental Health: Radon
    (Environmental Health, Minnesota Department of Health, MN, USA)

  3. The High-Radon Project
    (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

  4. Indoor Air Quality: Radon
    (American Lung Association, USA)

  5. Known to Be a Human Carcinogen: Radon
    (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, P.O. Box 12233, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA)

  6. A Physician's Guide to Radon
    (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, IAQ Info, P.O. Box 37133, Washington, DC 20013-7133, USA)

  7. Radiation and Life
    (URANIUM INFORMATION CENTRE Ltd., GPO Box 1649N, Melbourne 3001, Australia)

  8. Radiation doses to the Norwegian population
    (UNEP/GRID-Arenda, Longum Park, P.O. Box 1602 Myrene, -4801 Arendal, Norway)

  9. Radon (Rn)
    (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA)

  10. RADON - Why the Concern?
    (Radiation Protection Branch, Ministry of Health and Ministry Responsible for Seniors, British Columbia, Canada)

  11. Radon Fact Sheet
    (Ohio State University Extension, OH, USA)

  12. Radon Health Risks: Frequently Asked Questions
    (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA)

  13. Radon in Earth, Air, and Water
    (U.S. Geological Survey)

  14. Radon Information
    (National Safety Council, 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036, USA)

  15. Toxicological Profile for Radon
    (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, United States Public Health Service, USA)

  16. Water Radioactivity Software Development Project
    (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA)