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RL31849 - Energy: Useful Facts and Numbers (pdf)

15-Nov-2004; Carol Glover and Carl E. Behrens; 32 p.

Update: April 13, 2005

Previous Releases: /nle/crsreports/04Mar/RL31849.pdf

Abstract: Energy supplies and prices are a major economic factor in the United States, and energy markets are volatile and unpredictable. For both these reasons, energy policy is of frequent interest to the Congress. This report presents a statistical view of the supply and consumption of various forms of energy.

After an introductory overview of aggregate energy consumption, the report presents detailed analysis of trends and statistics regarding specific energy sources: oil, electricity, natural gas, and coal. A section on trends in energy efficiency is also presented.

This report will be updated regularly as new data become available.

This report will be frequently updated with the latest available figures.
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