colonialism: The establishment of dominance — political, social and/or economic — of a native population by an outside force.

Manichaeism: A religion founded in Iran in the third century A.D. and prominent through the seventh century that described the world in terms of a constant struggle between spirits from a world of good and light and those of the world of evil and darkness. This term is often used when describing a system of thought that categories ideas or people in black-and-white terms with no space in between.

Négritude movement: A movement that consisted of poetry, writing and ideology in 1930s France that called for the independence, revolution and humanization of black people. Many writers of the movement called, directly or indirectly, for the end to French colonialism. Prominent writers of the movement include Léon Damas, Léopold Sédar Senghor  and Aimé Césaire..