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Green Buildings: Conserving the Human Habitat
(Released October 2006)

  by Ethan Goffman  


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Web Sites
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  1. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    (Department of Energy , USA)

  2. Making Your Own Clean Electricity
    (Department of Energy , USA)

  3. Passive Solar Energy
    (Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc., 116 Lisgar Street, Suite 702, Ottawa, Ont. K2P 0C2, Canada)

  4. Renewable Energy Guide for Builders (PDF)
    State Energy Conservation Office, 111 East 17th Street, Room 1114, Austin, Texas 78774

  5. Women's PV Workshop: Education that Gives and Receives (PDF)
    Solar Energy International, PO Box 715, 76 S. 2nd Street, Carbondale, CO 81623