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Hydrogen Storage
(Released June 2001)

  by Laura Becker  


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Web Sites
  1. Chemical Metallurgy Section
    (Osaka National Research Institute)

  2. Hold Hydrogen! Ergenics, Inc.: Solid State Hydrogen Energy Solutions
    (Ergenics, Inc., 373 Margaret King Avenue, Ringwood, NJ 07456)

  3. Hydrogen Storage Alloy
    (JMC (USA), Inc., U.S. Subsidiary of Japan Metals and Chemicals Company, Ltd., One Innovation Drive, P.O. Box 12138, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709)

  4. Material Factors in the Decrepitation of Hydrogen Storage Alloys
    (Takanori Suda, Ryouichi Kobayashi, Seiichi Watanabe, Somei Ohnuki, Heishitirou Takahashi, Hironobu Arashima and Toshiki Kabutomori, Journal of The Japan Institute of Metals, Vol. 63, No. 5)

  5. Materials Science and Engineering Research
    (David E. Luzzi, University of Pennsylvania)

  6. Hydrogen: Overview
    (Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.)

  7. Metal Hydrides
    (Advanced Materials Corporation)

  8. Nickel-Metal Hydride Application Manual (PDF)
    (Eveready Battery Company, Inc.)

  9. Storage of Hydrogen in Powders with Nanosized Crystalline Domains
    (Ricardo B. Schwartz, Los Alamos National Laboratory)

  10. Suppo
    (Hong Kong Suppo Battery Co., Ltd.)