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The Golden Age of Jewish American Literature
(Released March 2010)

  by Ethan Goffman  


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Literary Works


Bibliography of Literary Works Isaac Bashevis Singer
Saul Bellow
Bernard Malamud
Philip Roth
Cynthia Ozick
Grace Paley

Isaac Bashevis Singer [English translations and dates only]


The Family Moskat, translated by A.H. Gross, 1950

Satan in Goray, translated by Jacob Sloan, 1955

The Magician of Lublin, translated by Elaine Gottlieb and Joseph Singer, 1960

The Slave, translated by Isaac Bashevis Singer and Cecil Hemley, 1962

The Manor, translated by Joseph Singer and Elaine Gottlieb, 1967

The Estate, translated by Joseph Singer, Elaine Gottlieb, and Elizabeth Shub, 1969

Enemies: A Love Story, translated by Alizah Shevrin and Elizabeth Shub, 1972

Shosha, translated by Joseph Singer and Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1978

The Penitent, translated by Joseph Singer, 1983

A Young Man in Search of Love, translated by Joseph Singer, 1978

The King of Fields, translated by Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1988

Scum, translated by Rosaline Dukalsky Schwartz, 1991

The Certificate, translated by Leonard Wolf, 1992

Meshugah, translated by Isaac Bashevis Singer and Nili Wachtel, 1994

Shadows on the Hudson, translated by Joseph Sherman, 1998

Short Stories

The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Farrar Straus Giroux 1983

Isaac Bashevis Singer: Collected Stories (3 Volumes Ed. Ilan Stavans, The Library of America, 2004)

Note: Most of Singer's stories appeared earlier, in English, in a variety of collections, such as A Friend of Kafka (1979), and even earlier in Yiddish in the Jewish Daily Forward.

Singer also published several autobiographical works, as well short stories for children

Saul Bellow

Dangling Man, 1944

The Victim, 1947

The Adventures of Augie March, 1953

Seize The Day, 1956

Henderson the Rain King, 1959

Herzog, 1964

Mr. Sammler's Planet, 1969

Humboldt's Gift, 1975

The Dean's December, 1982

More Die Of Heartbreak, 1987

A Theft, 1988

The Bellarosa Connection, 1989

The Actual, 1997

Ravelstein, 2000

Short Story Collections

Mosby's Memoirs, 1968

A Silver Dish, 1979

Him with His Foot in His Mouth, 1984

Something to Remember Me By: Three Tales, 1991

Collected Stories, 2001

Bernard Malamud


The Natural, 1952

The Assistant, 1957

A New Life, 1961

The Fixer, 1966

The Tenants, 1971

Dubin's Lives, 1979

God's Grace, 1982

Short Story Collections

The Magic Barrel, 1958

Idiots First, 1963

Pictures Of Fidelman, 1969

Rembrandt's Hat, 1973

Two Fables [The Jewbird And Talking Horse], 1978)]

The People, And Uncollected Stories, 1989

The Complete Stories, 1997

Philip Roth

Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories, 1957

Letting Go, 1962

When She Was Good, 1967

Portnoy's Complaint, 1969

The Breast, 1972

The Great American Novel, 1973

My Life As A Man, 1974

The Professor Of Desire, 1977

The Ghost Writer, 1979

Novotny's Pain, 1980

Zuckerman Unbound, 1981

The Anatomy Lesson, 1983

Zuckerman Bound [The Ghost Writer; Zuckerman Unbound; The Anatomy Lesson; Epilogue: The Prague Orgy], 1985

The Counterlife, 1986

Deception: A Novel, 1990

Operation Shylock: A Confession, 1993

Sabbath's Theater, 1995

American Pastoral, 1997

I Married a Communist, 1998

The Human Stain, 2000

The Dying Animal, 2001

The Plot Against America, 2004

Everyman, 2006

Exit Ghost, 2007

The Humbling, 2009

Cynthia Ozick

Trust, 1966

The Pagan Rabbi and Other Stories, 1971

Bloodshed and Three Novellas, 1976

Levitation: Five Fictions, 1982

The Cannibal Galaxy, 1983

The Messiah Of Stockholm, 1987

The Shawl, 1989

The Puttermesser Papers, 1997

Heir To The Glimmering World, 2004

Grace Paley

Short Story Collections

The Little Disturbances Of Man, 1959

Enormous Changes At The Last Minute, 1974

Later The Same Day, 1985

The Collected Stories, 1994


Leaning Forward, 1985

Long Walks and Intimate Talks, 1991

Begin Again: Collected Poems, 2000

Fidelity, 2008 (Posthumous)

Information taken from ProQuest's Literature Online and other sources.