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The Golden Age of Jewish American Literature
(Released March 2010)

  by Ethan Goffman  


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  1. English Lessons

    A poster advertising English lessons for Jewish immigrants.
    MPI/Getty Historical Image Collection, 01-01-1895
  2. Isaac Bashevis Singer

    A 1978 Nobel Prize-winner in literature, the Polish-born American author Isaac Bashevis Singer wrote most of his novels and short stories in Yiddish, including "The Family Moskat" and "The Penitent," often dealing with themes of loss, memory, Judaism and exile in his frequently autobiographical work.
    Archive Photos, 01-01-1996
  3. Saul Bellow

    His novel "Humboldt's Gift" earned author Saul Bellow a Pulitzer Prize in 1976; he was also awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature in the same year for his long career as a novelist, critic and teacher.
    Archive Photos, 09-01-1994
  4. Philip Roth

    His 1969 best-seller "Goodbye Columbus" made author Philip Roth a literary celebrity (particularly after the books was filmed); his other works include "Portnoy's Complaint" and "Operation Shylock."
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  1. Derek Parker Royal
    Assistant Professor, Department of Literature and Languages, Texas A&M University-Commerce
    From Publication Abstracts: uses her "inheritance" of the JewishAmerican literary past to craft her own notions of a post. . . for contemporary JewishAmerican writing. . .. of a postmodern Jewish-American identity.

  2. Anita Norich
    Professor, Center for Judaic Studies, University of Michigan
    From Publication Abstracts: to the rootlessness of American Jewry. William Zukerman, reporting in the Record, described some of the responses. . . -- wrote that the common denominator among these 11 Jewish writers seemed to be some belief. . .The debates about political or national centers for Yiddish culture have given way to debate about survival itself. The writings of IsaacBashevisSinger, the most well known and widely translated of Yiddish writers, in regard to the issues of translation and the preservation of Yiddish

  3. Evelyn Avery
    Professor, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Towson University
    Wright and BernardMalamud, The Magic Worlds of BernardMalamud, Modern Jewish Women Writers in America, and articles about African, Jewish, and Ethnic-American fiction and the role of women in all. . .. Bio Dr. Evelyn Avery, Professor of English and director of Ethnic and Jewish Studies, teaches

  4. Miriam Udel-Lambert
    Assistant Professor, Jewish Studies, Emory University
    of speech in modernist narratives, with an emphasis on Yiddish and Jewish-American fiction. Her next. . . Seminar Series entitled, "Embodied Minds: Toward an Ethics of the Body in SaulBellow". Newsletter. . .Faculty & Staff, The Tam Institute for Jewish Studies | Emory University The Tam Institute

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