anda: Blood brother. Steppe nomads swore blood brothership by consuming small amounts of their sworn brother's blood, and by sleeping under the same blanket as a true brother does.

Chinggis Khan: (also Genghis Khan) The title taken on by the warrior Temujin at a 1206 khuriltai and possibly before. “Khan” means chief, whereas “Chinggis” comes from “chin,” meaning “firm, unshakeable, and fearless.”

ger: A felt tent in which nomads on the Mongolian steppe lived.

khuriltai: (also kuriltai, qiriltai, and other spellings) A meeting of steppe nomads, often a means of selecting a leader. Attendance signifies support of a leader or purpose.

Temujin: Chinggis Khan's birth name.

Yasa: The Mongol Code of Law first set forth by Chinggis Khan at a 1206 khuriltai.

Yeke Mongol Ulus: The Great Mongol Nation, declared and formed by Chinggis Khan at a 1206 khuriltai.