Visual Sources for Medieval Philosophy and Modern Science Podcast

Access Unlimited, Hienrich Khunrath, Amphitheater of Eternal Wisdom, depiction of a medieval alchemist's lab

Crystalinks, Saint Thomas Aquinas, the most famous classical proponent of natural theology

Episcopalnet (Box 870, Sedona Az 86339-0870), Saint Augustine, 354 - 430 A.D.

Evolution Space

Internet Shakespeare - University of Victoria

Fort Lewis College, Physics Department. Arab astronomers at work, as depicted in a medieval manuscript.

Jim Schombert, Astronomy 122, University of Oregon Aristotle and Plato in Raphael's "School of Athens."
Aristotle's hand symbolizes his realism, Plato's his mysticism.

Karen's Whimsey, Karen J Hatzigeorgiou, Medieval Castle

Kidipede - History for Kids World History Maps. Germanic Migration. The western Roman Empire is in orange, the eastern in blue.,722,733,1021&pid=11435&nav=MS World History Maps. The spread of Islam in the 7th & 8th centuries,725,739,1027&pid=11393&nav=MS

Philosophy Professor, William of Ockham

Robert W. Brown, University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The Coronation of Charlemagne (AD 800).

The Unicorn Tapestries, The Cloisters

University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Robert W Brown

Wikipedia, Adam and Eve,Lucas Cranach, 1526

Wikipedia, Illustration of a 13th century Persian astrolabe

Wikipedia, Statue of Roger Bacon in the Oxford University Museum

Wikipedia. A university class, (1350s).

Wikipedia. Vandals sacking Rome