Sources for Illustrations in Why Not the Sun? Advantages of and Problems with Solar Energy Podcast

Agence France-Presse. President George W. Bush tours the National Solar Thermal Test Facility

CalFinder Residential Solar Power Contractors. Net metering lets your meter run backwards

Ethan Goffman. Bethesda, MD home with photovoltaic panels and solar collectors

Ethan Goffman. Photovoltaic array, 2007 Solar Decathlon

Ethan Goffman. PV array with onlooker, 2007 Solar Decathlon

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Frontiernet / JCRIT

Getty Images/AFP, Mark Ralston. Mr. Mingde Zhou shows solar panels on the roof of his hostel, Shanghai, March 2006

Getty Images, Jorgen True, Copyright 2007. Wind turbines at the Horns Reef wind farm in Denmark, some 20 kms (12 miles) off the port of Esbjerg

Getty Images, Ralph Orlowski. Buerstadt, Germany: The roof of a warehouse, equipped with solar panels, May 13, 2005

Green Techno Log.

isiria, i-eclectica. Coal is one of the dirtiest energy sources

Jimmy Carter Library. President Carter inspecting a solar heating panel installed on the roof of the White House

Katy Murphy, The Education Report. California solar companies plan to hire new workers

Mobile Solar Water Pumping, Apr 2007. Men discussing solar power unit

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Solar Energy Design. Thin film solar panels

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Technology Review, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Abengoa Solar plans to begin operating this solar thermal power plant in Gila Bend, AZ, by 2011

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Wikimedia. United States transmission grid (FEMA)

Wikimedia. U.S. Southwest

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Australia hosts the World Solar Challenge where solar cars race

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Daylighting features, as in the Pantheon, have been in use since antiquity

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Parabolic dish, which concentrates sunlight to produce useful solar power

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