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The Space Shuttle and Its Replacement
(Released September 2004)

  by Martin Nowicki  


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Afterburner: An extra step in a turbojet engine. After the hot exhaust gas passes through the turbine, any remaining oxygen is mixed with fuel and then ignited again to provide additional thrust.

Ram: A natural form of air compression that is induced by the inertial effects of moving air. The faster the air moves, the more it will be compressed within the inlet.

Space Race: The Cold War inspired competition between the Russian and the US space programs to be the first to put a man on the moon.

Space Tourism: Commercial access to space. The current price, as provided by the Russians, is $20 million.

Turbojet Engine: The simplest form of a gas turbine engine. Air is compressed by a compressor, mixed with fuel and then ignited in the combustion chamber. The hot exhaust gas then spins a turbine, which is what powers the compressor.