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Poets and Audiences: The Evolution of Poetry in America
(Released July 2012)

  by Beth Dwoskin  


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  1. Spoken word artist Black Ice speaks during the first ever "Def Jam Master Class" March 3, 2003 at the Martin Luther King Jr. High School in New York City. The Master Class includes poetry performances by students with reviews and discussion by Russell Simmons and Black Ice to encourage young performers.
    Scott Gries/Getty Images

  2. A storyteller tells his tall tale to the crowd sitting in the court house lawn in Eldorado, Texas, during The Running of the Bull festival. The festival featured cowboy poets, story-tellers and liars from all over west Texas. The town is also known for the Mormon Fundamentalists who have a compound just north of town.
    J. Johnson/Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service

  3. Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (1830 - 1886). She withdrew herself at the age of 23 from all social contacts and lived an intensely secluded life, writing over 1,000 poems.
    Hulton Archive/Getty Images
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  3. Discussion thread on themes in poetry.

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  1. Lori Emerson
    Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Colorado at Boulder
    Digital textuality; modern and contemporary American and Canadian poetry; science and literature
    • Twentieth- and twenty-first century American literature: modernism, postmodern and contemporary poetry; science and literature
    • Digital media: interactive, computer-generated, hypertextual, and kinetic texts; media theory; digital archives
    • Twentieth- and twenty-first century Canadian literature: postmodern and contemporary poetry

  2. Charles Bernstein
    Donald T. Regan Professor of English, Department of English, University of Pennsylvania
    Charles Bernstein teaches poetry and poetics, with an emphasis on modernist and contemporary art, aesthetics, and performance.

  3. James Blasingame
    Department of English, Arizona State University
    1.Young Adult Literature, (Coeditor, The ALAN Review; section editor, Books for Adolescents: Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy)
    2. The Six-trait Model for Writing Instruction and Assessment
    3. Middle and High School Writing Instruction
    4. Cowboy Poetry

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