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Exploring Remote Sensing Through Forestry Applications
(Released January 2001)

  by Reene Grossman and Amy L. Forrester  


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This installment in the series includes 60 citations with abstracts and review articles drawn from CSA's Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management database and a list of Selected Web Sites from our Web Resources Related to Natural Sciences and other databases. The overview contains terms that are hyperlinked to the glossary.

"Exploring Remote Sensing Through Forestry Applications" was written by Reene Grossman and Amy L. Forrester.

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Meet the Authors
Reene Grossman
  • CSA Web Editorial Assistant
  • B.A. (Economics) in progress, University of Maryland
Amy L. Forrester
  • CSA Senior Internet Editor; Assistant Manager: Web Resources Group
  • B.A. (Biology with a specialization in Marine Science), Boston University
  • M.A. (Marine Affairs), University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science

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