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COS Scholar Universe provides direct access to more than 1.3 million active researchers working in over 200 disciplines and 9 countries. Searches in COS Scholar Universe provide unparalleled exposure to the community currently studying a topic of interest. Exploring this living research community expands awareness and access to cross-disciplinary research perspectives, publications, research methodologies, expertise, and collaborative opportunity. With COS Scholar Universe, your faculty and students are directly connected to the community of scholarly research.

Scholars within COS Scholar Universe are also linked to their publications in select 3rd party databases and databases from CSA, facilitating direct links to author background, contact information, and linked publication histories to provide enhanced document context and novel community based pathways to relevant literature.


Benefits of COS Scholar Universe


  • Find out who shares your research interests outside your discipline;
  • Inform your teaching, research and writings with perspectives from Scholars from multiple fields to immediately make your work more inter-disciplinary;
  • Easily find and contact active thought leaders in your new areas of interest;
  • Find researchers with experience using the tools and materials you need to advance your research;
  • Edit your profile to ensure the most accurate professional representation of yourself and your research.


  • Match your highly specific research interests to investigators all over the world to find advanced opportunities for study;
  • Explore the 'lay of the land' of the communities and disciplines studying your topics of interest;
  • Easily find and contact active thought leaders in your areas of interest.


  • Inform your research and writings with perspectives from Scholars from multiple fields.


  • Clear cross-discipline search results point out which disciplines are most actively studying a topic and provide quick access to a disciplines unique perspectives, helping you to guide further searching;
  • Learn more about authors, including current contact information, professional background, and other publications;
  • Powerful community search tools, including unique 'Keyword to Person'
  • Regular updating keeps Scholar contact and publication information current
  • Seamless Integration with acclaimed CSA Illumina platform.