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COS Funding Opportunities™COS Funding Opportunities provides more than 22,000 records representing more than $33 billion in grants, fellowships, prizes, and more. COS Funding Opportunities™ is international in both content and audience, providing access to monies from public and private sector sponsors around the world.


Researchers, scholars, and other professionals in all disciplines—natural sciences, social sciences, technology, and arts & humanities—can easily find timely and relevant information that they need to secure the funding they need to advance their work.

In addition to a general abstract, each COS Funding Opportunities™ record includes information about deadlines, amount of award, eligibility criteria, and contact information for the sponsoring organization. The database contains opportunities from $100 to more than $10 million.

COS Funding Opportunities™ also continues to be available on its original COS platform. The COS version is optimized to serve large research organizations, such as university research departments and independent research institutions. COS Funding Opportunities™ on the COS platform is complemented by COS Expertise®, a service that enables research institutions and other organizations to manage and promote their roster of faculty and staff. Used jointly, COS Funding Opportunities™ and COS Expertise® are a powerful pre-award funding and management resource.

For more information about COS and its products, please visit COS is a division of CSA.