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PapersInvited is a multidisciplinary alerting service for calls for papers for upcoming conferences and special issues of scholarly journals. It is designed for researchers -- primarily graduates and faculty, as well as researchers in corporations and government departments. It is especially useful for academics that are looking to present their work and ultimately get it published in the subsequent conference proceedings. PapersInvited is also relevant for undergraduates and includes a section specifically on student competitions and awards.



PapersInvited Factsheet

Benefits of PapersInvited

  • Provides publishing opportunities via conference proceedings and special issues of journals
  • Provides awareness and the chance to attend upcoming conferences in fields of interest
  • Covers all disciplines
  • Worldwide
  • Timely with three updates per month
  • Email alert generated after each update
  • Deadlines are highlighted for quick reference
  • Lots of personalization features such as My Account, My Calendar, My Favorites, My Planner
  • Simple to search by broad categories and/or keywords
  • Simple to do cross-discipline searching using keywords (and find out about events and publishing opportunities you would never have thought of looking for)
  • Information about each event and publication is extremely detailed, including information on session tracks and poster sessions
  • Active email and URL links to organizers and publishers
  • Complements other data resources needed by researchers and supplied by CSA: literature searches, people searches, funding opportunities