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Web Resources Related to the Arts

The Internet has exploded as a source for the latest results of academic research, and a location for artistic creativity. To help you keep up with this wealth of information, your search of selected databases in CSA Illumina now retrieves Web sites relating to your area of interest, in addition to our bibliographic records. Since 2001, the Web Resources Related to the Arts Database has grown into a collection of over 11,000 high-quality web sites that are hand-picked and indexed by our editors.

Visual Resources
    The editors at ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM) are conscious of the need for access to high quality images of art works, and are working hard to bring you the latest visual resources to complement your bibliographic search. We have researched museum, association, artist and academic Web resources, selected images and other useful portions of the Web sites and indexed them to compile our growing database of Web resources. In particular, we are indexing museum collections to bring you links to art works by modern and contemporary artists. Collections in the process of being indexed are:

    • the Museum of Modern Art in New York
    • the Guggenheim museums
    • the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    • the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
    • the Tate galleries
    • the Pompidou Centre in Paris
    • the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra
How it Works
  • Your search of Web resources retrieves citation records that include the URL of sites selected and indexed by our editors.
  • Click the URL to display a Web site within our customized interface.
  • Our interface allows you to visit the sites retrieved by your search one after the other.
  • A 'frames' structure provides a display area for a remote Web site and another for a scrolling list of the sites retrieved from our collection of Web resources.
  • Choose the title of the next site you wish to review, and it will appear within the main display area.
  • A third display area maintains a link back to your search results making it easy for you to return to a set of records retrieved from another database.
Web Site Selection
    - Web sites must originate from a reputable source.
    - Editors avoid sites with an obvious political agenda.
    - Editors do not include sites that are ephemeral, except in the case of artists' projects.
    - URL's must provide immediate access to Web information.

    Editorial Expertise: The high quality of the database is based heavily on the experience, judgement, and expertise of the editorial staff at ABM. Every Web site has been entered by an ABM editor.
Update Frequency
    Frequent updates with an average annual growth of 20%
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