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Biotechnology Research Abstracts

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Biotechnology Research Abstracts

This database was first created in 1983 under the name Biotechnology Research Abstracts. In 1993, it split into three unique databases: Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology Abstracts, BioEngineering Abstracts, and Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Abstracts. All three databases ceased publishing a print journal equivalent in 2003, and in 2007 the three databases were merged into one electronic database under the original name: Biotechnology Research Abstracts. A separate companion database, ASFA Marine Biotechnology Abstracts, which deals exclusively with Marine Biotechnology, is also available.

Encompassing a wide range of disciplines, Biotechnology and Bioengineering Abstracts provides access to international research on all aspects of biochemical, medical, and microbial technology as applied to bioengineering, medicine, agriculture and environmental science. Biochemical engineers, fermentation technologists, enzyme technologists, microbiologists, environmental engineers, food processing specialists, pharmacists, physicians, research scientists, and other professionals who work within these areas can turn to this database for up-to-date perspectives on new developments and applications in their fields.

Subject Coverage
    Major areas of coverage include:
    • genetic engineering and gene therapy
    • medical technology
    • imaging
    • pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, and vaccines
    • tissue engineering, biomechanics, and biomaterials
    • cell culture, fermentation and process engineering
    • waste treatment and bioremediation
    • methodology
    • agricultural biotechnology
    • food biotechnology
    • bioinformatics and computer applications
    • biosensors
    • products produced by biotechnological methods
Dates of Coverage
    1980 - Current
Update Frequency
    Semi-monthly, with approximately 20000 new records added each year
    Over records as of December 1969
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    P.O. Box 1346
    Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346
    Tel: +1-734-761-4700