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    EconLit, published by the American Economic Association, provides bibliographic coverage of a wide range of economics-related literature. An expanded version of the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) indexes of journals, books, and dissertations, EconLit covers both economic theory and application.

    Literature covered is of interest to researchers, academics, product managers, advertisers, product development specialists, and public policy professionals. EconLit includes information that is of prime relevance to many industries and research establishments world-wide.

    Over 80% of all current records include abstracts. Also included are full-text of book reviews published in the Journal of Economic Literature since 1993. The database also includes links to full-text of some 40,000 working papers in economics.

Subject Coverage
    Major areas of coverage include:
    • Agricultural and natural resource economics
    • Business administration and business
    • Country studies
    • Economic development, technological change, and growth
    • Economic history
    • Financial economics
    • General economics and teaching
    • Health, education, and welfare
    • Industrial organization
    • International economics
    • Labor and demographic economics
    • Law and economics
    • Macroeconomics and monetary economics
    • Mathematical and quantitative methods
    • Methodology and history of economic thought
    • Microeconomics
    • Public economics
    • Urban, rural, and regional economics
Dates of Coverage
    1886 - current
Update Frequency
    Monthly, with approximately 30,000 new records added per year.
    Over 0 records as of May 2013
Print Equivalent
    Journal of Economic Literature
Examples of Use
  • Investigate the effect of technological change on economic growth
  • Research implications of changes in Social Security
  • Examine capital markets in specific countries
  • Find information about the effect of Welfare reform on urban economics
  • Investigate trends in financial planning, retirement, and pension programs
  • Research current trends in labor economics
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    Pittsburgh, PA 15203-2167
    Telephone: +1 412 432 2300
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Sample Record
    TI: Title
    Local and Global Price Memory of International Stock Markets
    AU: Author
    Knif, Johan; Pynnonen, Seppo
    AF: Author Affiliation
    Swedish School of Econ & Business Administration, Vaasa; U Vaasa
    AV: Availability
    Publisher's URL
    SO: Source
    Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, vol. 9, no. 2, April 1999, pp. 129-47
    IS: ISSN
    AB: Abstract
    The prime focus of this paper is on the impact of the world's leading markets (USA, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, France, Switzerland and Germany) on the returns of the small Nordic markets (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). The order and the degree of processing both "local" and "global" information are uncovered using a combination of cointegration analysis and structural VAR modeling utilizing daily index returns. The results indicate that the US price changes, conditioned on the same day changes on the other markets, have an impact on all other markets during the following day, including the US market itself. Price changes on the Asian-Pacific markets are completely absorbed in price changes in Europe and do not have any direct effect on US prices. Finally, a cointegration relationship between Sweden and Norway is found, which affects also Finland.
    PY: Publication Year
    PT: Publication Type
    Journal Article
    DE: Descriptors
    International Financial Markets (G150); Asset Pricing (G120); Open Economy Macroeconomic Studies--Balance of Payments and Adjustment Mechanisms (4313); Capital Markets--Empirical Studies, Including Regulation (3132); Capital Markets: Theory, Including Portfolio Selection, and Empirical Studies Illustrating Theory (3131); Selected Countries; Stock Market; Stocks
    UD: Update
    AN: Accession Number
Field Codes
    AB = Abstract IS = ISSN
    AF = Affiliation JN = Journal Name
    AN = Accession Number KW = Keywords
    AU = Author NT = Notes
    AV = Availability PB = Publisher
    CY = Copyright PT = Publication Type
    DO = DOI PY = Publication Year
    DE = Descriptors RE = References
    ED = Editor SO = Source
    FT= Fulltext TI = Title
    IB = ISBN UD = Update

    DOI, DO=
    A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) has been added to some records, starting in November 2003. The DOI uniquely identifies the electronic version of the source document.

    Publication Type, PT=

    The data in this field identifies the general type of document. The publication types in EconLit are as follows:

    book review
    collective volume article
    journal article
    working paper

    Browsable Indexes

    A browsable index is an alphabetical listing of terms used in a specific field of a database. You can browse this list to see, for example, how authors' names are spelled and therefore can search all variants of the name. In EconLit, browsable indexes are available for the following fields:

    Journal Name
    Publication Type