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Web Resources Database (WRD)

The Internet has exploded as a source for the latest results of academic, scientific, and technical research, discovery, and innovation. To help you keep up with this explosion of information, your search of selected databases in CSA Illumina now retrieves Web sites relating to your area of interest, in addition to our bibliographic records.

The editors at CSA have researched academic, governmental, scientific and technical Web resources, selected the most useful portions of the Web sites and indexed them to compile our growing database of almost 300,000 Web resources. All links are checked monthly to ensure that every URL is current. We average a phenomenal rate of less th an 1% dead links.

How It Works
  • Your search of Web resources retrieves citation records that include the URL of sites selected and indexed by our editors.
  • Click the URL to display a Web site within our customized interface.
  • Our interface allows you to visit the sites retrieved by your search one after the other.
  • A 'frames' structure provides a display area for a remote Web site and another for a scrolling list of the sites retrieved from our collection of Web resources.
  • Choose the title of the next site you wish to review, and it will appear within the main display area.
  • A third display area maintains a link back to your search results making it easy for you to return to a set of records retrieved from another database.
Web Site Selection
    -Web sites must originate from a reputable source.
    -Editors avoid sites with an obvious political agenda.
    -Editors do not include sites that are ephemeral.
    -URL's must provide immediate access to Web information.

    Editorial Expertise: The high quality of WRD is based heavily on the experience, education, judgement, and expertise of the editorial staff at CSA. Every Web site in WRD has been entered or reviewed by a CSA editor.

Subject Coverage
    Major areas of coverage include:
    • Pollution
    • Aquatic Sciences (including Water Resources & Oceanography)
    • Conservation and Biodiversity
    • Ecology and Ecosystems
    • Agriculture, Forestry and Botany
    • Biology (General)
    • Biotechnology
    • Earth Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences
    • Genetics and Molecular Biology
    • Hazardous Waste
    • Health and Safety (including Toxicology)
    • Computer Science
      • Communications and Networks
      • Computer Theory
      • Database and Information Systems
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Programming Languages
      • Computer Graphics
      • Human-Computer Interactions
      • Security
      • Hardware
      • Software Applications
    • Materials Science
      • Professioal organizations & trade associations
      • Metallurgy
      • Aluminum, Copper, Steels
      • Corrosion
      • Research laboratories
      • University research data
      • Government sites
      • Specifications
      • Standards
      • Mechanical properties
    • Social Science
      • Activism and Social Movements
      • Civil and Human Rights
      • Communications Studies
      • Crime and Criminology
      • Cultural Studies
      • Data and Methods
      • Demography and Population Studies
      • Development Studies
      • Economics
      • Education
      • Employment/Labor Issues
      • Health, Physical and Mental
      • History and Theory
      • International Relations and Government
      • Law
      • Linguistics
      • Marriage and Family
      • Organizational Studies
      • Politics and Policy Science
      • Professional and Academic Resources
      • Psychology
      • Race and Ethnicity
      • Religion
      • Science and Technology
      • Sexuality
      • Social Problems
      • Social Work and Social Services
      • Women's Studies
Update Frequency
Daily updates with an average annual growth of 10%
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