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Mechanical Engineering Abstracts

Preeminent in its field, Mechanical Engineering Abstracts contains the facts, figures, and discoveries engineers need in order to make faster, more authoritative decisions. Now expanded and jointly published with Engineering Information, this is the only abstracts journal that surveys and summarizes the worldwide literature in mechanical engineering, engineering management, and production engineering. Presenting theoretical perspectives as well as specific applications, the journal reports on key developments published in journals, articles, and conference papers. The result is a comprehensive information base indispensable to specialists who need hard facts in order to evaluate existing projects or initiate new ones. Abstracts provide researchers' methods and conclusions in clear, compact form, making it easy to absorb key facts in a fraction of the time. Besides providing details on current research results, Mechanical Engineering Abstracts contains specific information that shows how other engineers around the world are handling opportunities as well as problems. Project engineers and managers can count on this journal for access to global developments that affect their work.

Subject Coverage
    Major areas of coverage include:
    • Mechanical Engineering, General (including Mechanical Design, Mechanical Devices and Transmission, Machine Tools, Metal Cutting and Machining, Small Tools and Hardware, Abrasives, and Lubricants)
    • Mechanical Engineering, Plant and Power (including Hydro and Tidal Power Plants, Internal Combustion Engines, Nuclear Power Plants, Steam Power Plants, Thermoelectric, MHD, and Other Power Generators, Heat Exchangers, Turbines and Steam turbines, Compressors and Pumps, and Plant Engineering Generally)
    • Nuclear Technology
    • Fluid Flow. Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and Vacuum Technology
    • Heat and Thermodynamics (including Industrial Furnaces and Process Heating, Space heating and Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Cryogenics)
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Automotive Engineering
    • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
    • Railroad Engineering
    • Materials Handling
Dates of Coverage
    1981 - 2002
Update Frequency
    Over 0 records as of May 2013
Print Equivalent
    Mechanical Engineering Abstracts
    7200 Wisconsin Avenue
    Bethesda, MD 20814 USA
    800-843-7751 (in N. America)
    Voice: +1 301-961-6700 (worldwide)
    Fax: +1 301-961-6720
Sample Record
    TI: Title
    Hypermedia integration of information resources for nuclear plant operations
    AU: Author
    Tsoukalas, Lefteri H; Uhrig, Robert E
    AF: Author Affiliation
    Purdue Univ, West Lafayette, IN, USA
    SO: Source
    NUCL TECHNOL, vol. 119, no. 1, pp. 48-62, 1997
    IS: ISSN
    PB: Publisher
    AB: Abstract
    Computer hypermedia technologies offer significant possibilities for integrating data, information, and multifaceted knowledge resources abounding in existing and next-generation nuclear plant operations. A hypermedia system may be viewed as a set of nodes and links allowing nonlinear access to plant information residing in computers regardless of format. The process of accessing information in hypermedia systems is known as navigation. After a review of the state of the art, quantitative criteria are presented for the development of hypermedia databases and a fuzzy graph-based methodology for navigating the large information spaces involved in nuclear plant operations. In the developed methodology, membership functions embodying context-dependent criteria provide application-specific tools for navigation. The methodology is illustrated through numerical examples and a Hyper-Card-based prototypical system for monitoring special material in a next-generation nuclear reactor.
    LA: Language
    PY: Publication Year
    PT: Publication Type
    Journal Article
    DE: Descriptors
    Information technology; Distributed computer systems; Database systems; Fuzzy sets; Membership functions; Reactor operation
    ID: Identifiers
    Hypermedia; Nuclear plant operations
    CL: Classification
    I 613 Nuclear Power Plants; I 723.5 Computer Applications; I 903 Information Science; I 722.4 Digital Computers and Systems; I 723.3 Database Systems; EE 613 Nuclear Power Plants; EE 723.5 Computer Applications; EE 903 Information Science; EE 722.4 Digital Computers and Systems; EE 723.3 Database Systems
    EM: Entry Month
    SF: Subfile
    Mechanical Engineering Abstracts (ISMEC); Environmental Engineering Abstracts
    AN: Accession Number
Field Codes
    The following field codes are found in the records of this database. Here they are listed in alphabetical order by two-letter code. See Field Codes and Search Examples for detailed descriptions and search examples.

    AB = Abstract IS = ISSN
    AF = Author Affiliation LA = Language
    AN = Accession Number NT = Notes
    AU = Authors NU = Other Numbers
    CA = Corporate Author OT = Original Title
    CF = Conference PB = Publisher
    CL = Classification Code PT = Publication Type
    DE = Descriptors PY = Publication Year
    ED = Editor SF = Subfile Name
    EM = Entry Month SL = Summary Language
    ER = Environmental Regime SO = Source
    IB = ISBN TI = Title
    ID = Identifiers