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METADEX is the only comprehensive source for information on metals and alloys: their properties, manufacturing, applications, and development. Begun in 1966, METADEX contains over 1,425,000 references and is the database equivalent of Metals Abstracts, Metals Abstracts Index, and Alloys Index.

Sources covered include over 3,000 periodicals, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books, and press releases.

Subject Coverage
    Major areas of coverage include:
    • Steel
    • Microstructure
    • Strength
    • Refining
    • Casting
    • Coatings
    • Heat Treatment
    • Metal Matrix Composites
    • Nonferrous metals
    • Corrosion
    • Extracting and Smelting
    • Blast Furnaces
    • Machining
    • Welding
    • Testing and Analysis
    • Environmental and Safety Issues
Dates of Coverage
    Approximately 1966-current. The oldest record in the database has a publication date of 1939; about 50% of its records have publication dates of 1986 or later.
Update Frequency
    Once a month. Approximately 45,000 new records are added per year.
    Over 0 records as of May 2013
    The database is indexed using a master authority file of about 40,000 controlled-vocabulary terms. Older records in this database were indexed using a file-specific thesaurus; this thesaurus has now been incorporated into the master authority file.
Print Equivalent
    Metals Abstracts; Metals Abstracts Index; Alloys Index
    789 E. Eisenhower Parkway
    P.O. Box 1346
    Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346
    Tel: +1-734-761-4700
Sample Record
    TI: Title
    Effect of cooling after welding on microstructure and mechanical properties of 12% Cr steel weld metals
    AU: Author
    Cai, G-J; Andren, H-O; Svensson, L-E
    AF: Affiliation
    Southwest Jiaotong University; Chalmers University of Technology; ESAB
    SO: Source
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (USA), vol. 28A, no. 7, pp. 1417-1428A, July 1997
    NT: Notes
    54 ref., Numerical Data, Photomicrographs
    PB: Publisher
    IS: ISSN
    AB: Abstract
    The microstructure of three 12% Cr steel weld metals with different nickel and nitrogen contents was studied in as-welded condition and after postweld heat treatment with and without intercooling. Tensile strength and impact toughness of the weld metals were investigated in different postweld heat treatment conditions. In weld metals heat treated without intercooling, austenite decomposed by a eutectoid reaction that resulted in M sub 23 C sub 6 aggregates around retained delta -ferrite. Two morphologies of M sub 2 N and MN precipitates were found in a low-dislocation alpha -ferrite. In was concluded that these phases were also transformed from austenite. In weld metals heat treated with intercooling, M sub 23 C sub 6 precipitates were smaller and more homogeneously distributed. Different MN precipitates were found in the tempered martensite. The fracture mode of the weld metals at room temperature was mainly transgranular cleavage with some fibrous fracture. Intercooling treatment improved Charpy impact toughness of the 12% Cr steel weld metals substantially. It was found that the important microstructural factors affecting the impact toughness of the weld metals which were heat treated without intercooling were the sizes of the alpha -ferrite grains, nonmetallic inclusions, and M sub 23 C sub 6 aggregates. For the weld metals heat treated with intercooling, the factors which affect the toughness of the weld metals were the sizes of martensite packets and nonmetallic inclusions.
    LA: Language
    PY: Publication Year
    PT: Publication Type
    Journal Article
    DE: Descriptors
    Journal Article; Martensitic stainless steels, Welding; Heat resistant steels, Welding; Chromium steels, Welding; Welded joints, Mechanical properties; Tensile strength, Cooling effects; Impact strength, Cooling effects; Precipitation, Cooling effects; Transgranular fracture, Cooling effects; Grain size, Cooling effects
    ML: Material
    12Cr; 12Cr; 12Cr
    MC: Material Classification
    SSM, Martensitic stainless steels; SAHR, Heat resistant steels; SAC, Chromium steels
    CL: Classification
    55 Joining
    EM: Entry Month
    SF: Subfile Name
    AN: Accession Number
Field Codes
    The following field codes are found in the records of this database. Here they are listed in alphabetical order by two-letter code. See Field Codes and Search Examples for detailed descriptions and search examples.

    AB = Abstract ML = Material
    AF = Author Affiliation NT = Notes
    AN = Accession Number NU = Other Numbers
    AU = Author OT = Original Title
    CF = Conference PA = Patent Application (Date)
    CL = Classification PB = Publisher
    DE = Descriptors PC = Patent Country
    EM = Entry Month PT = Publication Type
    IB = ISBN PY = Publication Year
    ID = Identifier SF = Subfile Name
    IS = ISSN SO = Source
    LA = Language TI = Title
    MC = Material Classification