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The MLA Directory of Periodicals produced by the Modern Language Association (MLA) contains information available on the journals and series that are covered in the MLA International Bibliography database. The Directory is a master list that aims to cover journals available to libraries or universities that publishes articles on language, literature, folklore, or pedagogy with some frequency, as well as any series that includes books on those subjects, regardless of the frequency of publication. This information is gathered by the MLA staff with the cooperation of MLA bibliographers and the editors represented in these listings.

Over 5,800 titles are included; of these, over 4,400 are currently indexed. The records consist of editorial addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, frequency of publication, descriptions of the periodicals' scopes, circulation figures, subscription prices and addresses, advertising information, submission guidelines, and information on whether or not journals are peer reviewed. The directory also provides statistics on how many articles and book reviews the periodicals publish each year, as well as how many are submitted.

Update Frequency
    Every six months
    More than 0 records as of April 2013
Sample Record
    JN: Journal Name
    PMLA: Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
    JA: Journal Abbreviation
    IS: ISSN

    Publishes essays of interest to those concerned with the study of language and literature. As the publication of a large and heterogeneous association, the journal is receptive to a variety of topics, whether general or specific, and to all scholarly methods and theoretical perspectives. The ideal PMLA essay exemplifies the best of its kind, whatever the kind; addresses a significant problem; draws out clearly the implications of its findings; and engages the attention of its audience through a concise, readable presentation. Translations should accompany foreign language quotations. The MLA urges its contributors to be sensitive to the social implications of language and to seek wording free of discriminatory overtones.

    DE: Descriptors
    Interdisciplinary studies: language; Language, languages: modern; Literature: modern; Interdisciplinary studies: literature; Literature: interdisciplinary studies; Language, languages: interdisciplinary studies
    LA: Language
    AN: Accession Number
    EN: Electronic Information
    ....Publication Type: Journal
    ....Year Began: 1884
    ....Frequency: 6 times/yr. (Jan, Mar, May, Sept, Oct, Nov)
    ....Circulation: 32,000
    ....Pagination Across Issues: Consecutive
    ....Alternate Media: Available in microforms. UMI (up to 2000).
    ......Available in print and electronically
    ....Website: Current issues published
    ......simultaneously online and in print via Ingenta. Historical
    ......archives available through JSTOR
    ....Format Available: Available in print and electronically
    ET: Editorial Information
    ....Sponsoring Organization: Modern Language Association of America
    ....Editors: Hirsch, Marianne
    ....Address: Modern Language Association of America, 26 Broadway, 3rd
    ......floor, New York, NY 10004-1789
    ....Phone: 646 576-5000 Fax: 646 458-0030 Email:
    ....Accepts Advertising: Yes Rates: USD 720.00/half page; USD
    ......1,100.00/full page
    PE: Peer Reviewed
    SB: Submission Information
    ....Restrictions on Contributors: Contributors must be members of the
    ....Submission Charges: No
    ....Charges for Pages
    ....Articles: Suggested Length: 2,500-9,000 words (including notes but
    ......not works cited or translations); Number Submitted per Year:
    ......200-360; Published per Year: 14-20
    ....Book Reviews: Published: No;
    ....Short Notes: Published: No;
    ....Abstract: Published: Yes
    ....Copyright Holder of Accepted Material: Assigned by author to
    ....Disposition of Rejected Manuscripts: One copy returned; enclose
    ......return postage
    ....Time between Submission and Publication decision: 8-11 weeks
    ....Time between Decision and Publication: 8-18 months
    ....Number of Readers prior to Publicaton decision: 2-5
    ....Editorial Style: MLA
    ....Special Requirements: Type author's name on title page only.
    ......Manuscripts in languages other than English are accepted for but must be accompanied by a detailed summary in English
    ......and must be translated into English if they are recommended to
    ......the Editorial Board. It is PMLA's policy not to review articles
    ......that are under consideration by other journals.
    ....Blind Submission: Yes
    ....Copies Required: 2
    SI: Subscription Information
    ....Rates: Free to all members; USD 140.00/yr. print only
    ........libraries and other institutions; USD 300.00/yr. print and
    ........electronic libraries and other institutions (as of 2004)
    UD: Update
Field Codes
    AB = Abstract KW = Keyword
    AN = Accession Number LA = Language
    DE = Descriptors PB = Publisher
    EN = Electronic Information PE = Peer Reviewed
    ET = Editorial Information PL = Publication Location
    IS = ISSN SB = Submission Information
    JA = Journal Abbreviation SI = Subscription Information
    JN = Journal Name UD = Update