Deep Indexing added to selected databases

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Illustrata Categories


The list below shows the categories that are used to describe the types of objects, specifically the figures, indexed in Illustrata. Approximately 30% of the objects in the database are tables, while the remaining 70% fall under the broad heading of "figure". The Figure category is divided into Graph, Illustration, Map, Photograph, and Transmission/Emission Image. As can be seen by the hierarchical display below, each category except Transmission/Emission Image is further subdivided. Each level of the hierarchy is indexed so an individual record could have each all three levels represented in the category field (M1), e.g.:

    Figure; Photograph; Equipment Photograph

Having each level indexed means you can perform as broad or as narrow a search as you want. Note: More than one category may be assigned to an object and an object can be both a table and a figure. These categories are not mutually exclusive. For example, the category field (M1) could read:

    Table; Figure; Photograph; Organism Ultrastructure Photograph; Dot Blots

There are several ways to search by category:

  1. Using the Browsable Index
    Whether you are in Quick or Advanced search mode, you can perform a fast and precise search by selecting the category or categories from an alphabetical list. To get to the list, click the Search Tools tab followed by the Indexes tab. Two boxes display: in the top one, select one of the Illustrata databases and then Category Index. In the lower box, enter the letter a and click Go. The next display starts at the beginning of the complete, alphabetical list of categories. You can review this (using the Next page link) and select the categories in which you are interested. Click the Search button to execute the search.

  2. Advanced Search
    Make sure you are on the Tables & Figures tab. Here, there are two possible approaches:

      a) Search by broad category. Below the query boxes there is a section labeled "Limited to:" where there are check boxes beside each of the main figure categories and beside the Table category. You can use these check boxes to limit the search you enter in the query boxes above to just those catgeories selected.

      b) Search for a specific category. Use the list below to find the correct terminology and enter in one of the query boxes, the category phrase or a unique word from a catgeory name, e.g.: molecular

        Then select the field Category, M1=, from the drop-list of field names to the right of the query boxes.

  3. Quick Search
    You can also search specifically in Quick (and Command) Search, by entering the field code first followed by the exact phrase or a unique word from a category name, e.g.:

      m1="bathymetric map"

Figure [Objects with only "Figure" as category.]
3D Surface Plot
Area Chart
Box Plot
Cluster Diagram
Contour Plot
Control Chart (Illustrata: Technology)
Gantt Chart (Illustrata: Technology
Graph [Objects with only "Graph" as category.]
Histogram/Bar Chart
Line Graph
Line Graph-Spectrum (Illustrata: Technology)
Phase Diagram (Illustrata: Technology
Pie Chart
Pole Figure/Polar Plot (Illustrata: Technology)
Polar Plot
Rose Diagram
Scatter Plot
Spectral Analysis
Time Series Plot
Triangle Plot
Vector/Raster Diagram
Chemical Structure
Blueprint (Illustrata: Technology)
Blueprint-Architectural (Illustrata: Technology)
Blueprint-Electrical (Illustrata: Technology)
Blueprint-Mechanical (Illustrata: Technology)
Equipment Illustration
Flow Chart(Illustrata: Natural Sciences)
Gene/Protein - Maps & Sequences
Illustration [Objects with only "Illustration" as category.]
Molecular Structure
Organism Illustration
Organism Ultrastructure Illustration
Schematic-Circuit Diagram (Illustrata: Technology)
Schematic-Floor Plan (Illustrata: Technology)
Schematic-Flow Chart (Illustrata: Technology
Schematic - Genetic/Evolutionary Tree
Schematic-Organizational Chart (Illustrata: Technology)
Venn Diagram
Vertical Section Illustration
Bathymetric Map
Geological Map
Map [Objects with only "Map" as category.]
Study Site Map
Topographic Map
Diffraction Pattern (Illustrata: Technology)
Dot Blots
Equipment Photograph
Microwell Plates
Organism Photograph
Organism Ultrastructure Photograph
Photograph [Objects with only "Photograph" as category.]
Photomicrograph - Ultrastructure
Satellite Image
Study Site Photograph
Vertical Section Photograph
Transmission/Emission Image
Transmission/Emission Image
Truth Table(Illustrata: Technology)