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The list below represents the statistical terminology used to index statistical techniques illustrated in the tables and figures. You can search for a specific technique by using the field code for the field Object Statistical Terms, Q8. This is most easily done in the Advanced Search, under the Tables & Figures tab. First, enter the term exactly as it is displayed in the list below, e.g.:

    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

or enter a unique word from a term, e.g.:


Then select the field name 'Object Statistical Terms, Q8= ' from the drop-list of field names to the right of the query boxes.

You can also search specifically in Quick Search (and Command) mode, by entering the field code first, followed by the exact phrase or a unique word, e.g.:

    q8="Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)"


Statistical Terms
Statistical Terms
Affine transformation
Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)
Analysis of Molecular Variance
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Arithmetic Mean
AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA)
Bartlett's Test
Bayes' Rule
Binomial Coefficient
Binomial Distribution
Bivariate Spectral Analysis
Bonferroni Confidence Limits
Bonferroni Procedure
Boolean Factor Analysis
Bootstrap estimate
Box-Cox Procedure
Box-Jenkins Time Series Analysis
Breakdown Point
Breslow Test
Brookmeyer-Crowley Confidence Interval
Brown-Forsythe and Welch statistics
Canonical Correlation Analysis
Central Limit Theorem
Chebychev's Inequality
Chi-square Statistic
Chi-square Test
Cluster Analysis
Coefficient of Determination
Confidence Interval
Confounding Factor
Cook's Distance
Correlation Coefficient
Correlation Matrix
Correspondence Analysis
Cox Proportional Model
Cramer's V
Cronbach's Alpha
Cumulative Probability Distribution Function (cdf)
Discriminant Function Analysis
Double-Blind Experiment
Duncan Multiple Range Test
Dunnett's Test
Dunn's Test
Durbin-Watson Statistic
Ecological Correlation
Empirical Law of Averages
Endpoint Convention
Factor Analysis
Finite Population Correction
Fisher's Exact Test
Fractal Analysis
Frequency Histogram
Friedman Two-way Analysis of Variance
Furnival-Wilson Algorithm
Game Theory
Gauss-Newton Algorithm
Geometric Distribution
Geometric Mean
Greenhouse-Geisser Adjustment
Hotelling Trace Coefficient
Huynh-Feldt Adjustment
Hypergeometric Distribution
Indicator Random Variable
Inter-quartile Range (IQR)
Jackknife Validation Procedure
Joint Probability Distribution
Kappa Test
Kendall Rank Correlation
Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance
K-means Clustering
Kolmogorov-Smirnov Two-sample Test
Kruskal-Wallis One-way Analysis of Variance
Law of Averages
Law of Large Numbers
Least squares regression
Levene's Test
Likelihood Ratio
Linear Discriminant Analysis
Linear Regression
Lower Quartile (LQ)
Mahalanobis D² Test
Mallow's Cp Statistic
Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test
Mantel-Cox Test
Mantel-Haenszel Test
Markov's Inequality
Maximum Likelihood Estimate (MLE)
McNemar's Test
Mean Squared Error (MSE)
Minimax Strategy
Monte Carlo Trial
Multimodal Distribution
Multinomial Distribution
Multiple Correlation
Multiple Linear Regression
Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA)
Newman-Keuls Multiple Range Test
Nonlinear Regression
Nonparametric Analysis
Nonparametric Tests
Normal Distribution
Null Hypothesis
One-tailed Test
Ordinal Variable
Partial Correlation Coefficient
Payoff Matrix
Peto-prentice Test
Pillai's Trace Test
Point of Averages
Poisson Distribution
Polychotomous Logistic Regression
Polynomial Regression
Principal Components Analysis
Probability Density Function
Probability Distribution
Probability Histogram
Quadratic Discriminant Function Analysis
Random Error
Random Sample
Regression Coefficient
Regression Fallacy
Regression Toward the Mean, Regression Effect
Residual Plot
Ridge Regression
Root-mean-square (RMS)
Root-mean-square error (RMSE)
Roy's Maximum Root
Sample Variance Estimate
Sampling Distribution
Scheffe Procedure
Secular Trend
Serial Correlation
Sign Test
Simple Linear Regression
Simple Random Sample
Simpson's Paradox
Skewed Distribution
Spearman Rank Correlation
Spectral Analysis
Square-Root Law
Standard Deviation
Standard Error
Standard Normal Curve
Stepwise Discriminant Analysis
Stepwise Linear Regression
Studentized Score
Student's t Curve
Tarone-Ware Test
Time Series Analysis
Tukey Procedure
Two-Tailed Test
Type I and Type II errors
Univariate Spectral Analysis
Wald Test
Wilk's lambda Test
Woolf-Haldane Analysis
Yule's Q
Z Score
Z Test