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Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals Current Serials Source List


The number following the serial title is the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) which is an eight-character number that uniquely identifies a periodical or journal. When you have selected the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals database and want to search for an ISSN, use the IS= field code followed by the standard ISSN format with the hyphen between the first 4 and the second 4 characters, eg: is=(0002-953X).

11593: U.S. National Park Service
1999 : Glasgow's review of architecture and design
20/1: twentieth-century art + culture 1056-6880
2000 : revue de l'amenagement du territoire du developpement regional
2G: revista internacional de arquitectura = international architecture review 1136-9647
8 en Opbouw
A & C international
A & V 0213-487x
A + t 1132-6409
A + U: architecture and urbanism 0001-0316
A + U: architecture and urbanism 0389-9160
A.E. Richardson, Monumental Architecture In Great Britain and Ireland During The
A/R/C, Architecture, Research, Criticism 1180-0933
AA Files 0261-6823
Aachener Kunstblatter
AAQ. Architectural Association Quarterly 0001-0189
AAQ: Architectural Association Journal
AARP: Art and Archaeology Research Papers 0308-5597
Abacus 0044-8621
Abacus (Finland) 0357-7465
Abitare 0001-3218
Abitare. International Ed.
AC: International Asbestos-Cement Review
AC: The Fibrecement Review 0001-0731
Academie d'archeologie de Belgique. Annales
Academie d'architecture
Academie d'architecture (France). Bulletin
Academie des Inscriptions Et Belles-Lettres, Paris. Commission De La Fondation
Academie Royale d'archeologie De Belgique. Annales
Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts De France. Grand Prix D'architecture, 1779-1833
Academy Notes
Accademia Di Archeologia, Lettere E Belle Arti, Naples. Atti
Accademia Di Archeologia, Lettere E Belle Arti, Naples. Rendiconti Della Accade
Accademia Di Archeologia, Lettere E Belle Arti, Naples. Rendiconti
Accademia Etrusca (Cortona, Italy). Saggi Di Dissertazioni Accademiche ... Roma
Accademia Nazionale De Lincei, Rome. Monumenti Antichi 0391-8084
Accademia Nazionale Dei Lincei. Atti
Accademia Nazionale Dei Lincei. Notizie Degli Scavi Di Antichit. Atti
Accademia Nazionale Di San Luca, Rome. Atti
Accademia Nazionale Di San Luca, Rome. Atti. N.S.
Accademia Romana Di Archeologia, Roma. Rendiconti
Accademia Romana Di Archeologia, Rome. Dissertazioni
Accademia Romana Di Archeologia, Rome. Memorie
Accademia Toscana Di Scienze E Lettere ""La Colombaria"". Studi
Access By Design 0959-1591
Achademia Leonardi Vinci
Acropole : Arquitetura, Urbanismo, Decoraac
Across Architecture 0266-6200
Acta Ad Archaeologiam Et Artium Historiam Pertinentia
Acta Ad Archaeologiam Et Artium Historiam Pertinentia. Serie Altera 0333-1512
Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 0001-5210
Acta Historiae Artium 0001-5830
Acta Praehistorica Et Archaeologica
Acta. Institutum Romanum Norvigiae
Ada: Architecture, Design, Art
Adobe Today 0162-2978
Advisory Council On Historic Preservation: Report
African Arts 0001-9933
African Urban Quarterly 0747-6108
Agora / Landscape Architecture Foundation
Agricultural Association Journal
AIA Journal 0001-1479
Akademie Der Wissenschaften, Berlin. Philosophische Und Historische Abhandlunge
Aktuelles Bauen Plan 0255-6898
Aktuelles Bauen/Baumarkt
Alabama Architecture
Albany Preservation Report
Albright Art Gallery. Gallery Notes
Alemania Franciscana Antiqua
Allgemeine Bauzeitung
Allgemeine Bauzeitung Mit Abbildungen
Alte Stadt 0170-9364
Alte Und Moderne Kunst 0002-6565
Altonaer Museum In Hamburg. Jahrbuch
AMC 0336-1675
American Academy In Rome. Memoirs
American Antiques 0364-0388
American Architect
American Architect and Architecture
American Architect and Builders' Monthly
American Architect and Building News
American Architect and Contract Reporter
American Architect and Engineer
American Architect. International Ed.
American Architects
American Architects' and Builders' Magazine
American Architecture
American Art and Antiques
American Art Journal 0002-7359
American Art News
American Art Review 0092-1327
American Artist 0002-7375
American Association of Architectural Bibliographers. Publication
American Builder
American Builder and Journal of Art
American Buildings. Selections
American Bungalow 1055-0674
American Catholic Historical Researches
American Cities
American City
American City & County 0002-7936
American City & County 0149-337X
American Collector
American Competitions
American County
American Craft 0194-8008
American Federation of Arts
American Federation of Arts. Proceedings of Annual Convention
American Homes and Gardens
American Institute For Iranian Art and Archaeology. Bulletin
American Institute For Persian Art and Archaeology. Bulletin
American Institute of Architects. [Publication]
American Institute of Architects. Bulletin
American Institute of Architects. Journal
American Institute of Architects. Memo
American Institute of Architects. Proceedings
American Institute of Architects. Quarterly Bulletin
American Institute of Architects. Relations of Railways To City Development
American Institute of Architects. Chicago Chapter. Chapter Bulletin
American Institute of Architects. Rhode Island Chapter. Yearbook
American Institute of Planners. AIP News 0162-3575
American Institute of Planners. Journal 0002-8991
American Institute of Planners. Newsletter
American Journal of Archaeology 0002-9114
American Magazine of Art
American Medical and Philosophical Register
American Mercury
American Oriental Society. Journal
American Planning Association. Journal 0194-4363
American Planning Association. Planning Advisory Service. PAS Memo
American Preservation 0148-3668
American Quarterly
American School of Classical Studies At Athens. Newsletter
American Society Legion of Honor Magazine
American Society of Architectural Historians. Journal
American Society of Architectural Historians. Newsletter
American Society of Landscape Architects. Transactions... 1899-1908
American Society of Planning Officials. Newsletter
American Society of Planning Officials. Planning
American Society of Planning Officials. Planning Advisory Service. PAS Memo
American Urban Guidenotes
Ami Des Monuments et des Arts
Ami Des Monuments et des Arts Parisiens et Francais
Anadolu Arastirmalari
Anadolu Sanati Arastirmalari
Analecta Romana Instituti Danici 0066-1392
Analecta Romana Instituti Danici. Supplementum 0066-1406
Anales De Arquitectura 0214-4727
Anales De La Facultad De Arquitectura
Anatolian Studies 0066-1546
Ancient Mesoamerica 0956-5361
Ancient Monuments Society. Newsletter
Ancient Monuments Society. Transactions 0951-001X
Ancient Monuments Society. Transactions. New Series
Andean Quarterly
Andhra Pradesh Journal of Archaeology
Anfione Zeto
Ankara. Middle East Technical University. Faculty of Architecture. Publication
Ankara. Orta Dogo Teknik Universitesi. Mimarlik Fakaultesi. Yayin. Publication
Ankara. Orta Dogu Teknik Auniversitesi. Mimarlaik Fakaultesi. M.E.T.U. Journal
Annales Archeologiques
Annales De La Recherche Urbaine 0180-930X
Annali Del Barocco In Sicilia
Annali Di Architettura
Annali Di Architettura: Rivista Del Centro Internazionale Di Studi Di Architettu
Annals of Regional Science 0570-1864
Annuaire de la Curiosite et Des Beaux-Arts
Annual of The British School at Athens 0068-2454
Annuario Della Scuola Archeologica Di Atene e Delle Missioni Italiane In Oriente
Anthos 0003-5424
Antichit Viva 0003-5645
Antike Kunst 0003-5688
Antike Welt 0003-570X
Antikvariskt Arkiv 0083-6737
Antiquaries Journal 0003-5815
Antiquarische Gesellschaft In Zurich. Catalog Der Sammlungen
Antiquarische Gesellschaft In Zurich. Mittheilungen
Antique Dealer andCollector's Guide
Antiques 0161-9284
Antiquity 0003-598X
Antologia di Belle Arti
Anuario de Arquitectura, Venezuela
Anuario...: Arquitectura Espanola = Yearbook...: Spanish Architecture 1133-008
Any 1068-4220
Apocrypha 0163-4062
Apollo 0003-6536
Appendx: Culture, Theory, Praxis 1080-9619
Appleton's Booklovers Magazine
APT Bulletin 0044-9466
APT Newsletter
Arca 0394-2147
Arch Plus 0587-3452
Archaeologia 0570-6270
Archaeologia Aeliana: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating To Antiquity 0261-3417
Archaeologia Cambrensis 0306-6924
Archaeologia Cantiana 0066-5894
Archaeologia Classica
Archaeologia Iugoslavica 0350-2600
Archaeologia Viva
Archaeologia: Or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating To Antiquity 0261-3409
Archaeologiai Ertesito 0003-8032
Archaeologica Classica 0391-8165
Archaeological Institute of America. American School of Classical Studies In Rom
Archaeological Institute of Great Britain andIreland. Proceedings At The Annua
Archaeological Journal 0066-5983
Archaeological News 0194-3413
Archaeological Reports 0570-6084
Archaeological Society of South India. Transactions
Archaeology 0003-8113
Archaeology Quarterly (Karachi, Pakistan)
Archaeometry 0003-813X
Archaiologika Analekta Ex AthenOn. Athens Annals of Archaeology 0003-858x
Archaiologika Ephemeris 0001-0316
Archaiologikon Deltion
Archaologische Zeitung
Archaologischer Anzeiger 0003-8105
Archaologischer Anzeiger : Beiblatt Zum Jahrbuch Des Deutschen ArchaOlogischen
Archaologisches Institut Des Deutschen Reiches. Athenische Zweiganstalt Mittei
Archaologisches Korrespondenzblatt 0342-734X
Archeologia (Paris) 0570-6270
Archeologia (Poland) 0066-605x
Archeologia Cantiana
Archeologia Classica 0003-8172
Archeologia Medievale 0390-0592
Archeologie Du Midi Medieval 0758-7708
Archeologie Medievale 0153-9337
Archeology (Karachi, Pakistan)
Archi & Colonne
Archis 0165-3504
Archis 0921-8041
Architect 0003-875X
Architect 0044-8621
Architect 0570-6416
Architect 0925-6830
Architect 1068-4999
Architect & Builder 0003-8407
Architect & Building News
Architect & Engineer
Architect (London)
Architect and Builder (South Africa)
Architect and Builder News
Architect and Builders' Magazine
Architect and Contract Reporter
Architect and Contractor Reporter
Architect and Engineer
Architect and Engineer of California
Architect Thema 0044-8621
Architect, W.A. The Official Journal of The Royal Australian Institute of Archit
Architect. Dossier 0925-6830
Architectes Architecture 0006-6122
Architectrual Record
Architects' and Builders' Journal
Architects and Builders Magazine
Architects and Building News
Architects' and Mechanics' Journal
Architects Annual (Bombay)
Architects Forum : The Official Journal of Western Canadian Architects
Architect's Journal 0003-8466
Architects' Magazine
Architect's World
Architects' Yearbook
Architectual History. Journal of The Architectural Historians of Great Britain
Architectual Review
Architectura 0044-863x
Architectura : Journal of The History of Architecture
Architectura CSR
Architectura of The U.S.S.R. = Arkhitektura
Architectura: Arkitekturhistorisk Aarsskrift 0106-3030
Architectura; Zeitschrift Fur Geschichte Der Architektur
Architectura; Zeitschrift Fur Geschichte Der Baukunst 0044-863X
Architectural & Engineering Systems 8756-5951
Architectural and Engineering News
Architectural Annual
Architectural Association (Great Britain). AAQ: Architectural Association Quart
Architectural Association Journal
Architectural Association Notes
Architectural Association Projects Review 0265-4644
Architectural Association Quarterly 0001-0189
Architectural Association, London. Papers
Architectural Awards of Excellence
Architectural Concrete
Architectural Design 0003-8504
Architectural Design 0003-861X
Architectural Digest 0003-8520
Architectural Education 0264-2433
Architectural Forum 0003-8539
Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland. Journal & Annual Report
Architectural Heritage: The Journal of The Architectural Heritage Society of Sco
Architectural History 0066-622X
Architectural History : Journal of The Society of Architectural Historians of Gr
Architectural Institute of Scotland. Transactions
Architectural League of New York. Year Book
Architectural Lighting 0894-0436
Architectural Magazine
Architectural Monographs
Architectural Notes
Architectural Preservation and New Design In Conservation 0262-219X
Architectural Prospect
Architectural Quarterly of Harvard University
Architectural Record 0003-858X
Architectural Record 0037-9808
Architectural Record 0389-9160
Architectural Record [Record Houses of 1962]
Architectural Record. Building Types Supplement
Architectural Research and Teaching
Architectural Review 0003-861X
Architectural Review and American Builders' Journal
Architectural Review. Boston
Architectural Review. Congress Number
Architectural Review. Special Hospital Number
Architectural Review. Town Planning and Housing Supplement
Architectural Reviewer
Architectural Science Review 0003-8628
Architectural Sketch Book
Architectural Technology / The American Institute of Architects 0740-6142
Architectural Theory Review: Journal of The Department of Architecture, The Univ
Architecture 0149-9106
Architecture 0746-0554
Architecture & Comportement = Architecture & Behaviour 0379-8585
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Urbanism 0001-0316
Architecture (London)
Architecture : Formes Et Fonctions
Architecture : Forms, Functions
Architecture : Journal of The Royal Australian Institute of Architects
Architecture : Journal of The Royal Institute of Architects
Architecture : Journal of The Society of Architects
Architecture : Urbanisme-Habitation
Architecture + Design
Architecture and Building
Architecture and Design
Architecture and Ideas = Architecture Et Idees : AI 1205-7592
Architecture and Planning
Architecture and Urbanism 0389-9160
Architecture At Rice
Architecture At Rice University. Monograph
Architecture Australia 0003-8725
Architecture Boston 1099-6346
Architecture California 0738-1131
Architecture Canada
Architecture Canada Newsmagazine
Architecture Concept 0003-8687
Architecture D'aujourd'hui 0003-8695
Architecture D'aujourd'hui. Ed. Franco-Amaericain
Architecture De Lumire
Architecture Et Urbanisme
Architecture Francaise 0003-8717
Architecture From Scandinavia
Architecture In Australia 0003-8725
Architecture In Greece
Architecture In Ireland Yearbook
Architecture In Israel
Architecture Interieure Cree 0294-8567
Architecture International
Architecture Journal Hebdomadoire De La Societe Centrale Des Architectes Frana
Architecture Mediterraneenne 0761-7909
Architecture Minnesota 0149-9106
Architecture Mississippi
Architecture New Jersey 0003-8733
Architecture New York
Architecture New Zealand 0113-4566
Architecture of Israel: AI 0792-1268
Architecture of The U.S.S.R. = Arkhitektura
Architecture Plus
Architecture Principe
Architecture SA = Argitektuur SA 0250-045X
Architecture Series: Bibliography
Architecture Today 0958-6407
Architecture Today 1158-6407
Architecture Vivante
Architecture, 0746-0554
Architecture, Mouvement, Continuit 0336-1675
Architecture, Urbanisme, Habitation
Architecture. Sydney
Architecture. Australia
Architecture. Brussels
Architecture: The AIA Journal 0746-0554
Architecture: The Magazine of The American Institute of Architects 0746-0554
Architekt 0003-875X
Architekt 0044-8621
Architektonika Themata. Architecture In Greece 0066-6262
Architektoniki. Greece
Architektur 0863-5110
Architektur & Wohnen
Architektur (Sweden)
Architektur : The Swedish Architectural Review
Architektur + Bauforum
Architektur + Wettbewerbe 0341-2784
Architektur Der DDR 0323-3413
Architektur Und Ladenbau
Architektur Und Wohnform
Architektur, Innenarchitektur, Technischer Ausbau 0173-8046
Architektura 0003-8814
Architektura I Budownictwo
Architektura Urbanizan
Architektura. Warsaw
Architettura 0003-8830
Architettura Arti E Decorative
Architettura E Arti Decorative
Architettura Intersezioni
Architettura Italiana
Architettura, Storia E Documenti
Architettura; Cronache Storia 0003-8830
Architetural Review
Archithese 1010-3600
Archithese 1010-4089
Architronic: The Electronic Journal of Architecture 1066-6516
Archives Alsaciennes De L'histoire De L'art
Archives D'architecture Moderne 0020-1472
Archives De L'art Francais
Archives Des Missions Scientifiques
Archives Des Missions Scientifiques et Litteraires
Archives of American Art. Journal 0003-9853
Archives of Asian Art 0066-6637
Archivio Storico Dell'arte
Archivio Storico Per La Calabria e La Lucania 0004-0355
Archivo Espaol De Arqueologia 0066-6742
Archivo Espaol De Arte 0004-0428
Archivos De Arquitectura Antillana : Aaa 1028-3072
Arch-Text 0968-0799
Arcus: Zeitschrift Faur Architektur Und Naturwissenschaft 0724-2034
Area 0149-9106
Arena : The Architectural Association Journal
Arena: Architectural Association Journal
Arhitectura R.P.R.
Arhitektura (Zagreb)
Arhitektura Urbanizam
Arhitektura. Zagreb
Aris 0044-5711
Arkheologicheskii Viestnik, Izdavaemyi Moskovskim Arkheologcheskim Obshchest
Arkheologiia 0324-1203
Arkhitektura = [Architecture In Israel]
Arkhitektura Leningrada
Arkhitektura SSSR
Arkitectural Review
Arkitekt. Turkey
Arkitekten 0004-198X
Arkitekten. Copenhagen
Arkitekten. Denmark
Arkitekten. Denmark. Manedshaafte
Arkitekten. Finland
Arkitekten. Helsingfors
Arkitekten. Kabenhavn
Arkitekten. Kabenhavn. Jubilaeumshaefte
Arkitekten. Kabenhavn. Manedshaefte
Arkitekten. Manedshaefte. Denmark
Arkitekten. Manedshaefte. Kabehavn.
Arkitekten. Ugehaefte
Arkitekten. Ugehaefte. Kabenhavn
Arkitektur (Denmark)
Arkitektur (Sweden)
Arkitektur : The Swedish Architectural Review
Arkitektur DK 0004-2013
Arkitektur. Kabenhavn
Arkitektur: The Swedish Review of Architecture 0004-2013
Arkitektur: The Swedish Review of Architecture 0004-2021
Arkitekturtidsskriftet B 0105-7820
Arkkitehti 0004-2129
Arkkitehti 0783-3360
Arkkitehti : Finnish Archeological Review
Arkkitehti : Finnish Architectural Review
Arkkitehti Arkitekten. Finland
Arkkitehti Arkitekten. Helsingfors
Arkkitehtuurikilpailuja 0066-7676
Arkkitehtuurikilpailuja : Architectural Competitions In Finland
Armitano Arte 0003-8466
ARQ 0716-0852
ARQ : Architectural Research Quarterly 1359-1355
ARQ : Architecture/Quebec 0710-1163
Arq: La Reuve D'architecture 0710-1162
Arq: La Revue D'architecture 1203-1488
Arquine : Revista Internacional De Arquitectura = International Architecture Mag
Arquis ... Universidad De Palermo 0328-2384
Arquitecto Peruano
Arquitectura 0004-2706
Arquitectura Bis
Arquitectura Mexicana : Am : Revista De La Facultad De Arquitectu A, Universida
Arquitectura Portuguesa
Arquitectura Revista / Fau/Ufrj
Arquitectura Viva 0214-1256
Arquitectura Y Contruccion
Arquitectura Y Lo Demas
Arquitectura, Urbanismo, Construccaion, Arte: Auca 0567-428X
Arquitectura. Cuba
Arquitectura. El Salvador
Arquitectura. Madrid
Arquitectura. Mexico
Arquitectura. Montevideo
Arquitectura. Uruguay
Arquitectura/Mexico 0004-2684
Arquitectura: Arquitectura. Planeamento. Design. Construao. Equipamento 0004-2692
Arquitectura: Revista Del Colegio Oficial De Arquitectos De Madrid 0004-2706
Arquitecturas Del Sur 0716-2677
Arquitetura Revista
Arris: Journal of The Southeast Chapter of The Society of Architectural Historia
ARS 0716-3738
ARS Bavarica 0341-8480
ARS Decorativa
ARS Hungarica 0133-1531
ARS Islamica
ARS Orientalis 0571-1371
ARS; Umeleckohistoricka Revue Slovenskej Akadaemie Vied 0044-9008
Art & Antiques 0195-8208
Art & Artists 0004-3001
Art & Design 0267-3991
Art and Archaeology
Art and Archaeology Research Papers 0308-5597
Art and Artists
Art and Letters
Art and Progress
Art Bulletin 0004-3079
Art Chretien
Art Criticism 0195-4148
Art Decoratif
Art d'eglise 0004-3095
Art e Dossier 3394-0179
Art et Decoration
Art et Industrie
Art Flamand et Hollandais
Art Gallery
Art History 0141-6790
Art in America 0004-3214
Art in Australia
Art Institute of Chicago. Bulletin
Art Institute of Chicago. Museum Studies 0069-3235
Art International 0004-3230
Art Journal 0004-3249
Art Libraries Journal 0307-4722
Art News 0004-3273
Art News 0011-9571
Art News. Annual Christmas Ed. Pt. 2
Art of America
Art Present
Art Quarterly 0004-3303
Art Quarterly (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Art Quarterly of The National Art Collections Fund
Art Sacre
Art Studies
Art Vivant
Art World
Art World and Arts and Decoration
Arte Cristiana 0004-3400
Arte Documento
Arte Lombarda 0004-3443
Arte Medievale
Arte Veneta
Arte Veneta: Rivista Di Storia Dell'arte 0392-5234
Arte Y Hogar
Artes de Mexico 0300-4953
Artforum 0004-3532
Artibus Asiae 0004-3648
Artibus Et Historiae 0391-9064
Artmagazine 0318-6644
Arts & The Islamic World 0264-1826
Arts + Architecture 0370-9481
Arts and Decoration
Arts and Letters
Arts Asiatiques
Arts in the Genessee Valley
Arts In Virginia 0004-4032
Arts Magazine 0004-4059
Arts Magazine 0318-6644
Arts of Asia 0004-4083
Arts Review / National Endowment For The Arts 0741-4579
Artscanada 0004-4113
Artscribe International 0309-2151
Artscribe International 0954-4178
Arup Journal
Asia Institute of Pahlavi University. Bulletin
Asian Architect andContractor
Asian Art 0894-234x
Asian Art & Culture 1352-2744
Asian Art / Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution 0894-234x
Asian Building & Construction 0264-8164
Assemblage 0889-3012
Associated Architectural Societies. Reports
Associated Architectural Societies. Reports and Papers
Association Des Ingenieurs Et Architectes Haaitiens. Revue
Association For Preservation Technology Communique 0319-4558
Association For Preservation Technology Newsletter of APT
Association For Preservation Technology. Bulletin 0044-9466
Association For Preservation Technology. Communique 0319-4558
Association For Preservation Technology. Newsletter
Association For Studies In The Conservation of Historic Buildings (Gt. Brit.).
Association Internationale Pour L'etude De La Mosaaique Antique. Bulletin D'in
Association Leonard De Vinci. Bulletin
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. News 0149-2446
Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (U.S.) Bulletin of The Associatio
Association of Engineers andArchitects In Israel. Journal
Astragalo 1134-3672
Athanor 0732-1619
Athar-e Iran
Athens Annals of Archaeology
Athens Technological Institute. Athens Center of Ekistics. Newsletter
Athens. R. Scuola Archeologica Italiana. Annuario
Athens. Scuola Archeologia Italiana. Annuario.
Athens. Scuola Archeologica Di Atene. Annuario Della Scuola Archeologica Di Ate
Atikot. Sidrah Iurit 0067-0138
Atiqot. English Series 0066-488X
Atiqot: Journal of The Israel Department of Antiquities 0066-488X
Atti Della Accademia Romana Di Archeologia, Rome. Rendiconti
Atti Della Pontificia Accademia Romana Di Archeologia. Rendiconti
AUCA : Arquitectura, Urbanismo, Construccion
Aufbau 0004-7805
Aufbau : Monatschrift Faur Den Wiederaufbau
Aujourd'hui; Art Et Architecture
Aula : Architecture andUrbanism In Las Americas 1523-4207
Australia. Cities Commission. Occasional Papers
Australian Journal of Art / Art Association of Australia 0134-6464
Australian Journal of Biblical Archaeology
Australian Planner: Journal of The Royal Australian Planning Institute 0729-3682
Australian Planning Institute. Journal
Austria. Centralcommission ... Der Baudenkmaale. Jahrbuch
Automated Builder 0899-5540
Automation In Housing 0005-1217
Automation In Housing & Manufactured Home Dealer 0740-3534
AV Monografaias = AV Monographs 0213-487X
Avant Garde 1040-466X
Btiment 0005-6278
BABESCH. Bulletin antieke beschaving 0165-9367
BAR British series
BAR international series
Bartlett Society. Transactions
Batiment international 0182-3329
Bau : Schrift faur Architektur und Staadtebau
Bauen & Wohnen 0005-6529
Bauen und Wohnen : Zeitschrift faur das gesamte Bauwesen [Munich]
Bauforum 0005-6596
Baukunst und Werkform
Baumeister 0005-674X
Bautenschutz + Bausanierung 0170-9267
Bauwelt 0005-6855
Bauwelt Berlin annual
Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift 0349-2834
Beck's journal of decorative art
Bedfordshire archaeology 0408-7666
Beirut. Mathaf. Bulletin du Musaee de Beyrouth
Belgium. Commission royale de monuments et des sites. Bulletin
Belgrad. Republicki zavod za zastitu spomenika kulture. Sopstenja 0409-008X
Belgrad. Univerzitet. Arhitekt Fakultet. Zbornik
Belgrad. Univerzitet. Arkhitektonski Fakultet. [Publication]
Belgrad. Zavod za zastitu i naucno proucavanje spomenika kulture NR Srbije.
Bericht der Staatlichen Denkmalpflege im Saarland
Berkeley planning journal 1047-5192
Berkshire archaeological journal 0309-3093
Berlage cahiers
Berlin. Staatliche Museen (East Berlin). Forschungen und Berichte
Berliner Architekturwelt
Berliner Kunst
Better buildings 0744-530X
Biblical archaeology review 0098-9444
Biblioteka Muzealnictwa i Ochrony Zabytkow
Biblioteka Wawelska
Biographical dictionary of architects in Maine
Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society. Transactions
Birmingham and Yorkshire Archaeological Society. Transactions
Birmingham and Yorkshire/Warwickshire Archaeological Society. Transactions
Birmingham Archaeological Society. Transactions andproceedings
Birmingham University Centre for Urban andRegional Studies. Occasional paper
Biuletyn historii sztuki 0006-3967
Blueprint (London, England) 0268-4926
Blueprints 0742-0552
Boletin del Museo e Instituto ""Camon Aznar""
Bolletino d'arte 0391-9854
Bolletino del Museo dell'Impero Romano
Bollettino / Civici musei veneziani d'arte e di storia
Bollettino d'arte 0391-9854
Bollettino d'arte 0394-4573
Bollettino d'arte. Supplemento 0391-9854
Bollettino dei Musei Civici Veneziani
Bollettino della Commissione Archeologica
Bollettino della Societ Piemontese di Archeologia e di Belle Arti
Bonner jahrbaucher 0067-9976
Bonner Jahrbaucher des Rheinischen Landesmuseums in Bonn
Bonner Jahrbaucher. Jahrbaucher des Verein von Altertumsfreunden im Rheinlande
Bookplate quarterly
Bordeaux. Sociaetae archaeologique. [Comptes rendus et maemoires]
Boreas. Maunstersche Beitraage zur Archaologie 0344-810X
Boston Architectural Club. Yearbook
Boston Preservation Alliance Letter 1052-9381
Boston University. Urban Institute. Monograph
Boston. Museum of Fine Arts. Bulletin
Bouw 0366-2330
Bouwkundig weekblad
Bouwkundig weekblad architectura
Brasil constroi
BRE News
British Archaeological Association Journal 0068-1288
British archaeological reports
British architect
British housing and planning review
British Museum quarterly
British School at Athens. Annual
British School at Rome Papers of the British School at Rome 0068-2462
Brochure series of architectural illustrations
Brooklyn Museum quarterly
Brooklyn Museum. Bulletin
Brownstoner 0883-962X
Brush and pencil
Brussels. Musees royaux d'art et d'histoire. Bulletin
Budapest regisegei
Buenos Aires. Universidad. Instituto de Arte Americano e Investigaciones Estaeti
Buffalo Express
Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. Gallery notes
Build international
Builder 0744-1193
Builder : magazine of the NAHB
Builder and woodworker
Building 0007-3318
Building age
Building and building management
Building and environment 0360-1323
Building design 0007-3423
Building design & construction 0007-3407
Building in China 1000-9507
Building New York
Building news
Building news and engineering journal
Building official and code administrator 0007-3547
Building research
Building research and practice 0182-3329
Building research news 0007-361X
Building review
Building standards monthly
Building stone magazine 0749-6133
Buildings 0007-3725
Buildings and building management
Buildings design journal 0743-7277
Built environment 0263-7960
Built environment 0308-1508
Built environment quarterly 0308-1508
Bulgarska Akademiaiaa na naukite. Arkheologischeski Institut. Izvestiaiaa
Bulletin - Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College 0002-5739
Bulletin / museums of art andarchaeology, the University of Michigan 0076-8391
Bulletin / The J. Paul Getty Trust
Bulletin / The National Swedish Institute for Building Research 0347-4348
Bulletin antieke beschaving 0165-9367
Bulletin archaeologique
Bulletin CIB
Bulletin de la Commission Royale des Monuments et des Sites
Bulletin de la Societe de l'histoire de l'art francais 0301-4126
Bulletin de la Societe des amis de la Cathedrale de Strasbourg
Bulletin de l'art
Bulletin des commissions royales d'art et d'archaeologie
Bulletin d'Information de la Region Parisienne
Bulletin d'informations architecturales 0223-5331
Bulletin du Musee Carnavalet
Bulletin du Musee de Beyrouth
Bulletin historique et archeologique de Vaucluse
Bulletin monumental 0007-473X
Bulletin of Beaux-Arts Institute of Design
Bulletin of the Asia Institute 0890-4464
Bulletin of the Asia Institute of Pahlavi University
Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts 0011-9636
Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, London
Bulletin of the Scottish Georgian Society
Bulletin of the work of graduate students in the School of Architecture and Alli
Bulletin of the work of graduate students in the School of Architecture and Appl
Bulletin of the work of graduate students in the School of Architecture, New Yor
Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum
Bulletin. Treasury Department art projects
Bulletin: the quarterly newsletter of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservanc
Bulletins de la Societe d'archaeologie Lorraine
Bullettino del Museo del l'imperio Romano
Bullettino della Commissione archeologia comunale di Roma
Bullettino della Commissione archeologia del governatorato di Roma
Burlington magazine 0007-6287
Byggekunst: The Norwegian review of architecture 0007-7518
Byggmastaren 0007-7550
Byggmaastaren. A1
Byggmaastaren. A2
Byggmaastaren. A3
Byggmaastaren. A4
Byggmaastaren. A5
Byggmaastaren. A6
Byggmaastaren. A7
Byggmaastaren. A8
Byggmaastaren. A9
Byggmaastaren. A10
Byggmaastaren. A11
Byggmaastaren. Arkitekt-upplagan 11
Byggmaastaren. B1
Byggmaastaren. B2
Byggmaastaren. B3
Byggmaastaren. B5
Byggmaastaren. B6
Byggmaastaren. B9
Byggmaastaren. B10
Byggmaastaren. B11
Byggmaastaren. B12
Byggmaastaren. V6
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A1
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A2
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A3
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A4
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A5
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A7
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A8
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A9
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A10
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A11
Byggmaastaren arkitektur. A12
Byggmaastaren byggnadsteknik. B3
Byggmaastaren byggnadsteknik. B5
Byggmaastaren byggnadsteknik. B8
Byggmaastaren byggnadsteknik B9
Byggmaasteren byggnadsteknik. B10
Byggmaastaren byggnadsteknik. B11
Byggmaastaren byggnadsteknik. B12
Byzantine Institute. Bulletin
CA: Revista oficial del Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile 0716-3622
Cadres de Vie = Living spaces 0383-3003
Cahiers archaeologiques 0068-4945
Cahiers archaeologiques: fin de l'antiquitae et Moyenge 0068-4945
Cahiers d'art
Cahiers de la Delegation archaeologique francaise en Iran 0765-104X
Cahiers de la recherche architecturale 0243-1742
Cahiers de la recherche architecturale et urbaine 0150-9535
Cahiers de la recherche architecturale et urbaine 1296-4077
Cahiers de la rotonde 0183-536X
Cahiers de l'art sacrae
Cahiers de L'Institut d'amenagement et d'urbanisme de la Region d'Ile-de-France
Cahiers de Saint-Michel de Cuxa 0068-5089
Cahiers de Saint-Michel de Cuxa 1140-7530
Cahiers de Vergy
Cahiers du centre scientifique et technique du btiment 0008-9850
Cahiers du Musee National d'Art Moderne
Cairo (Egypt). Musee des antiquites egyptiennes. Catalogue generale des an
California arts and architecture
California tomorrow
California. University, Los Angeles. Institute of Government and Public Affairs.
California. University. Center for Planning andDevelopment Research. Working p
California. University. Institute of Government andPublic Affairs. MR
California. University. Institute of Urban and Regional Development. Working pa
California. University. Los Angeles Institute of Government and Public Affairs.
California.University.Institute of Government and Public Affairs. MR-60
Cambrian Archaeological Association. Archaeologia Cambrensis
Cambridge archaeological journal 0959-7743
Canadian architect 0008-2872
Canadian Architect Yearbook. 0008-2872
Canadian building 0008-3070
Canadian building digest 0008-3097
Canadian collector 0226-5664
Canadian heritage 0225-1485
Canadian historic sites 0225-803X
Canadian historic sites; occasional papers in archaeology andhistory 0225-803X
Canadian Housing Design Council. Lecture
Canadian interiors 0008-3817
Canadian journal of urban research 1188-3774
Capitol studies
Caracas. Universidad Central. Centro de Investigaciones Historicas y Esteticas
Carleton folio 0827-5823
Carnegie magazine 0008-6681
Carolina planning 0164-0070
Carpentry and building
Carrer de la ciutat
Casabella 0008-7181
Casabella continuti
Casteels, Maurice. the new style architecture and decorative design
Catania. Universit. Istituto Dipartimentale di Architettura ed Urbanistica. Q
Catholic University of Peking. Bulletin
Center: a journal for architecture in America 8755-2019
Central: papers on architecture
Centre international d'Etudes romanes. Bulletin
Centre international d'etudes romanes. Revue
Centre international d'etudes romanes. Revue trimestrielle
Centre scientifique et technique du btiment (France). Cahiers du Centre scien
Centre scientifique et technique du btiment. Cahiers
Centre scientifique et technique du btiment. Revue
Centro di Studi per la Storia dell'Architettura. Bolletino
Centro internazionale di studi di architettura Andrea Palladio. Bollettino
Centro Italiano di Studi Sull'Alto Medioevo. Atti del 10a congresso internazion
Centro Italiano di Studi Sull'Alto Medioevo. Segnie Rita Nella Chiesa Altomedie
Centro italiano di studi sull'Alto Medioevo. Settimane di studio del Centro ita
Centro studi e documentazione sull'Italia romana. Atti
Centrum: jahrbuch Architektur und Stadt 0942-7023
Century magazine
Ceylon Institute of Architects. Journal
Chahiers d l'art sacrae
Challenge! 0196-1969
Chantiers q0825-9895
Charisterion eis Anastasion K. Orlandon
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Newsletter 0141-559X
CHC housing news
Chicago Architectural Club. Catalogue of the fourteenth annual exhibition
Chicago architectural journal 0731-8545
Chicago architecture annual 0885-2359
Chicago Art Institute. Bulletin
Chien chu = Dialogue : architecture + design + culture
China city planning review
Chora 1198-449X
CHPC housing news
Christian art
Christliche Denkmal 0578-0241
Chronicle of the early American Industries Association
Chronicle of the Museum for the Arts of Decoration of the Cooper Union
Church Monuments Society. Newsletter
Church monuments: journal of the Church Monuments Society 0268-7518
Church property administration
Ciba review
Cincinnati Art Museum. Bulletin
Cite : a publication of the Rice Design Alliance 8755-0415
Cite: the architecture and design review of Houston 8755-0415
Cities 0264-2751
Citizen's Housing and Planning Council of New York. Housing and Planning News
Citizens' Housing Council of New York. Housing bulletin
Citizens' Housing Council of New York. Housing news
Citt spazio
City : review of urban America
City almanac 0009-7683
City Art Museum of Saint Louis. Bulletin
City limits 0199-0330
City magazine 0822-790X
City planning
Civic Trust news
Civilt : rivista della Esposizione universale di Roma
Classical America
Classical forum
Classicist 1076-2922
Clem Labine's traditional building 0898-0284
Clemson college of architecture
Clemson School of Architecture. Semester review
Cleveland Museum of Art. Bulletin 0009-8841
CNAC magazine 0290-3059
Collectors of American Art, Inc. Bulletin
College art journal
Colloqui 1069-2606
Colonia romanica 0930-8555
Colonial building notes
Colonial homes 0195-1416
Colonial Williamsburg. President's report
Colonnade: the news journal of the School of Architecture, University of Virgini
Colonnes : feuille trimestrielle de liaison et d'information ... 1151-1621
Columbia art review
Columbia documents of architecture and theory: D 1065-304X
Columbia Library
Columbia library columns
Columbia University quarterly
Columbia University. Department of Art History and Archaeology. Miriam and Ira D
Columbia University. Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation.
Columbia University. School of Architecture Four great makers of modern archite
Column 5: University of Washington journal of architecture
Column: New York State Association of Architects - American Institute of Archite
Commentari : rivista di critica e storia dell'arte
Commercial renovation 0747-0134
Commissione archeologica comunale di Roma. Bullettino
Common bond
Community planning review 0010-387X
Community planning review : revue Canadienne d'urbanisme
Comparative urban research 0090-3892
Competitions 1058-6539
Composicion arquitectonica, art & architecture
Computers for design andconstruction 0734-5402
Computers, environment andurban systems 0198-9715
Concrete 0010-5317
Concrete and constructional engineer
Concrete and constructional engineering
Conescal 0588-9928
CONESCAL : revista del Centro Regional de Construcciones Escolares para Americ
Congrs archaeologique
Congrs national des societes savantes. Actes
Congres archeologique de France 0069-8881
Congres national des societes savantes. Section d'archaeologie. Actes
Congresso internazionale di archelogia christiana (6th : 1962 : Ravenna, Italy).
Connaissance des arts 0293-9274
Connaissance des arts 0395-5907
Connecticut preservation news 1084-189X
Connoisseur 0010-6275
Connoisseur 0010-6675
Connoisseur year book
Conservation news 0309-2224
Conservation news / United Kingdom Institute for Conservation of Historic and Ar
Conservation: the GCI newsletter 0898-4808
Conservation: the GCI newsletter 1071-0892
Conservator 0140-0096
Conserve neighborhoods 0732-1708
Construccion, arquitectura, urbanismo
Construction details
Construction history : journal of the Construction History Group 0267-7768
Construction moderne
Construction news
Construction repair 0951-0346
Construction specifier 0010-6925
Construction specifier : for better private and public construction
Continuite 0714-9476
Contract interiors 0148-012X
Contract interiors 0164-8470
Controspazio 0010-809X
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science andArt (New York, N.Y.). Museum for
Cooper Union. Museum for the Arts of Decoration. Chronicle
Copenhagen. Nationalmuseet. Nationalmuseets arbejdsmark
Cornell journal of architecture 0731-5384
Corporate design & realty 0744-2750
Corporate design & realty 8750-8206
Corso di cultura sull'arte ravennate e bizantina
Cortijos y rascacielos
Cosmopolitan art journal
Costruzioni casabella
Council for the Preservation of Rural England. 27th annual report
Council for the preservation of rural England. Annual report
Council of Planning Librarians. [Exchange bibliography]
Country house
Country life 0045-8856
Country life in America
Country life, London
Country life. New York
CPL bibliography 0743-1635
Craft history 0453-931X
Craft Horizons 0011-0744
Creative art
CREE 0591-048X
CREE, creations et recherches esthetiques
Crit 0277-6863
Critica d'arte 0011-1511
CRM bulletin: a national Park Service technical bulletin 0749-1921
CRM: [bulletin] 1068-4999
Cronache pompeiane
Croquis 0212-5633
Croquis 0212-5683
Croquis d'architecture
Cry California 0011-2224
CSTB magazine 0291-1299
CSTC revue / publication du Centre scientifique et technique de la construction
Cuadernos de arquitectura
Cuadernos de arquitectura hoy
Cuadernos de arquitectura mesoamericana 0185-5131
Cuadernos de arquitectura virreinal 0185-8572
Cuadernos de arquitectura y conservacion del patrimonio artaistico 0185-3562
Cuadernos de arquitectura y urbanismo
Cuadernos de arte aragones
Cuadernos de arte do Nordeste
Cuadernos de la Alhambra
D.A.I. Archaologischer Anzeiger
D.A.I. Baghdader Mitteilungen
D.E. (Milan, Italy)
Daidalos 0721-4235
Daidalos 1561-0152
Damaged and threatened national historic landmarks
Decorative art : the Studio yearbook
Decorative art in modern interiors
Decorative Arts Society newsletter
Demeure francaise
Denkmalpflege 0947-031X
Department of Architecture, Tampere University of Technology, Occasional papers:
Design 0011-9245
Design & environment 0011-930X
Design (England)
Design (Great Britain).
Design (India)
Design + art in Greece
Design action 0734-4538
Design Annual
Design book review : DBR 0737-5344
Design for special needs 0309-3042
Design in Greece
Design incorporating Indian builder
Design issues 0747-9360
Design methods and theories 0147-1147
Design quarterly 0011-9415
Design solutions 0277-3538
Design studies 0142-694X
Design. Annual
Design. Bombay
Design. India
Design; incorporating Indian builder 0011-9261
Designers' journal 0264-8148
Detail 0011-9571
Detroit Institute of Arts. Bulletin
Deutches Archaologisches Institut. Istanbuler Mitteilungen 0341-9142
Deutsche Architektur
Deutsche Bauzeitschrift 0011-4782
Deutsche Bauzeitung 0415-5599
Deutsche Bauzeitung 0721-1902
Deutsche Bauzeitung. Kunstdruckteil
Deutsche Gesellschaft faur christliche Kunst. Jahrbuch faur christliche Kunst
Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration
Deutsche Kunst und Denkmalpflege 0012-0375
Deutsche Kunst und Denkmalpflege 0272-0277
Deutscher Verein zur Erforschung Palastinas. Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palaasti 0012-1169
Deutsches Archaoligisches Institut. Jahrbuch
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut Abteilung Kairo. Mitteilungen 0342-1279
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut Athenische Abteilung. Mitteilungen 0342-1295
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Istanbul. Instanbuler Mitteilung
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Kairo. Mitteilungen 0342-1279
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Archaologischer Anzeiger 0003-8105
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Archaologischer Anzeiger. Beiblatt
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Beiblatt
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Beiblatt. Archaologischer Anzeiger
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Jahrbuch 0070-4415
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Jahrbuch. Archaologischer Anzeiger
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Jahrbuch. Beiblatt
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Jahrbuch. Beiblatt. Archaologischer Anzei
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Jahrbuch. Ergaanzungsheft
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Mitteilungen
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Romische Abteilung. Mitteilungen.
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Baghdad. Baghdader Mitteilungen
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Baghdad. Baghdader Mitteilung
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Istanbul Istanbuler Mitteilungen 0341-9142
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Istanbul. Mitteilungen
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Kairo. Mitteilungen 0342-1279
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Madrid Madrider Mitteilungen 0342-1279
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Abteilung Teheran. Archaologische mitteil
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Athenische Abteilung. Mitteilungen 0342-1279
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Athenische Abteilung. Mitteilungen. Beiheft
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Romische Abteilung. Mitteilungen 0342-1287
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Station Damaskus. Damaszener Mitteilungen
Deutsches Architektenblatt 0012-1215
Deutsches Architektenblatt 0272-0277
Deutsches Archologisches Institut. Archologischer Anzeiger
Development 0888-6067
Dialoghi di archeologia 0392-8535
Dialogues d'architecture
Dichotomy 0276-5748
Dimensions 1068-3895
Disegno di architettura 1121-8770
Documentos de arquitectura nacional y americana 0326-8640
Documentos de arquitectura y urbanismo : DAU
Documents d'architecture : cahiers du Centre scientifique et technique du btim
Dom osiedle mieszkanie
Domus 0012-5377
Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society. Proceedings 0070-7112
Dos puntos
Dossiers de l'Archaeologie 0184-7538
Drawing 0191-6963
Drevnosti : arkheologicheskiai vaiaestnik izdavaemyai Moskovskim arkheologichesk
Drevnosti : arkheologicheskiai vaiaestnik izdavaemyai Moskovskim obshchestvom
Drevnosti : arkheologicheskiai vaiaestnik, izdavaemyai Moskovskim arkheologiches
Drevnosti : trudy komissii po sokhraneniaiau drevnikh pamaiaatnikov imperatorska
Drevnosti : trudy Moskovskago arkheologicheskago obshchestva
Drevnosti vostochnyaiaa. Trudy vostochnoai kommissii imperatorskago Moskovskago
Drumlin newsletter
DU 0012-6837
Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife. Annual proceedings
Dumbarton Oaks papers 0070-7546
Durability of building materials 0167-3890
Dutch art + architecture today
Dutch heights
EAR 0014-5039
Earth shelter living 0744-1932
Earth shelter living newsletter
East Anglian archaeology 0307-2460
East side chamber news
Echoes of history
Ecole des beaux-arts. [Publication]
Ecole Francais de Rome. Melanges. Antiquite 0223-5102
Ecole francaise d'Athnes. Fouilles de Delphes
Ecole Francaise de Rome. Melanges
Edilizia moderna
Edmonton Art Gallery Update - The Edmonton Art Gallery 0225-3224
Educational Facilities Laboratories. College newsletter
Educational Facilities Laboratories. Newsletter
Educational theater journal
EGA : revista de expresion graafica arquitectonica
Eidos 0394-6401
Ekistics 0013-2942
Elarqa: arquitectura y diseano
Elle decor 1046-1957
Empire state architect
Encyclopedie d'architecture
Engineering journal
Engineering magazine
Engineering news record
Engineering news. Supplement
English Heritage conservation bulletin 0953-8674
English Heritage: report andaccounts
Entre rayas 1316-0257
Entreprise Europeene 0014-9373
Environment and behavior 0013-9165
Environment and planning
Environment and planning A 0308-518X
Environment and planning B, planning & design 0265-8135
Environment and planning B, planning & design 0308-2164
Environment and planning D, society & space 0263-7758
Environmental comment 0149-6573
Environmental design: journal of the Islamic Environmental Design Research Centre
Environmental planning quarterly 0111-9435
Escala 0120-6702
Espaces et societes 0014-0481
Esprit nouveau
Essex Institute. Historical collections
Etruscan studies: journal of the Etruscan Foundation 1080-1960
Etruscans: bulletin of the Etruscan foundation
EURE. Revista latinoamericana de estudios urbano regionales 0250-7161
European heritage
Everson Museum of Art bulletin
Exeter Diocesan Architectural Society. Transactions
Eye to eye : bulletin of the Graphic History Society of America
FA / Revista de la Facultad de Arquitectura / UNAM
Fabrications 1033-1867
Faces 0258-6800
Facilities design + management 0279-4438
Faith & form 0014-7001
Far Eastern Ceramic Group. Bulletin
Fede e arte
Federal architect
Federal design matters / National Endowment for the Arts 0363-8812
Federation of Architects, Engineers, Chemists and Technicians. Bulletin
Federation of Architects, Engineers, Chemists and Technicians. National bulletin
Felix Ravenna 0391-7517
Fenway Court, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Fifth column 0229-7094
Fifth column 1229-7094
Fine arts journal
Fine arts quarterly review
Fine homebuilding 0273-1398
Flash art 0394-1493
Flash art international 0394-1493
Flash point 0190-5864
Florence. kunsthistorisches Institut Mitteilungen des kunsthistorischen Institu
Florida architect 0015-3907
Florida architecture and allied arts
Florida architecture and applied arts
Florida Caribbean architect 0015-3907
Flushing meadow improvement
FMR 0747-6388
Fogg Art Museum. Annual report
Folia archaeologica 0133-2023
Folia historiae artium 0071-6723
Follies 0963-9004
Form : Zeitschrift faur gestaltende Arbeit
Form. Stockholm
Forschungen zur Kunstgeschichte und christlichen Archaologie
Fort 0261-586X
Forum journal: the journal of the National Trust for Historic Preservation 0893-9403
Forum magazine : Driemaandelijks tijdschrift voor architectuur - Architectural q .. 0015-8372
Forum newsletter 0896-8179
Forum voor architectuur en daarmee verbonden kunsten 0015-8372
Forum voor architectuur en daarmee verbonden kunsten 0169-3433
Forum. Amsterdam
Forum: bulletin of the Committee on Preservation
Forum: maanblad voor architectuur en gebonden kunsten 0015-8372
Frames 0393-4969
Frames, porte & finestre 0393-4969
France Comite des travaux historiques et scientifiques. Bulletin archeologiqu
France et la Pologne
France illustration
France. Mission archeologique francaise au Caire. Memoires
Frank Lloyd Wright newsletter 0160-7375
Frank Lloyd Wright quarterly
Free America
Friends of Fallingwater newsletter
Friends of Kebyar 0890-9717
Friends of Terra Cotta
Fruhmittelalterliche Studien 0071-9706
Fuess, Claude Moore. Men of Andover
Fuhrer zu archaologischen Denkmaaler in Deutschland
Furniture history 0016-3058
GA document 0389-0066
GA houses
GA Japan: environmental design
Galerie des arts 0223-1603
Gallery notes
Gallia 0016-4119
Gallia : fouilles et monuments archeologiques en France metropolitaine
Gallia prehistoire 0016-4127
Gallia supplement 0072-0119
Garden cities and town planning
Garden design 0733-4923
Garden history 0307-1243
Garten + Landschaft 0016-4720
Gartenkunst 0935-0519
Gazette archeologique
Gazette des architects et du btiment
Gazette des beaux-arts 0016-5530
Gemeentewerken 0046-5577
Genoa. Universit. Istituto di Elementi du Architettura e Relievo dei Monumenti
Genoa. Universit. Istituto di Progettazione Architettonica. Quaderno
Gentse bijdragen tot de kunstgeschiedenis en oudheidkunde 0772-7151
Geometria 0213-4780
Georgian Group journal 0963-1070
Germania 0016-8874
Germania; Anzeiger der Romisch-germanischen Kommission des deutschen arch 0016-8874
Gesta 0016-920X
Gesta : annual of the International Center of Romanesque Art
Getty Conservation Institute newsletter 0898-4808
Giessener Beitraage zur Kunstgeschichte
Glass art magazine
Glass studio 0199-4115
Glazed expressions / Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society 0261-0329
Gleason's pictorial
Global architecture
Global architecture detail
Global architecture houses
Global interior
Good furniture
Gosudarstvennaia akademiia istorii materialnoi kultury. Soobshcheniia
Gosudarstvennaia akademiia materialnoi kultury. Soobshcheniia
Goya 0017-2715
Graphischen Kunste
Graphischen Kunste : Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft fur vervielfaltigende Kuns
Graz. Universitaat. Kunsthistorisches Institut. Jahrbuch 0436-3434
Great Britain. Ministry of Housing andLocal Government. Planning bulletin
Grey room 1526-3819
Grid 1522-5992
GSD news / Harvard University, Graduate School of Design 0193-6107
GSD news / Harvard University, Graduate School of Design 0746-3677
H.H.F.A. Technical bulletin
Habitat 0017-6370
Habitat (Brazil)
Habitat (Canada)
Habitat et habitation
Habitat et habitation : documents d'architecture et d'urbanisme
Habitat news 0251-7205
Habitat news 0255-271X
Habitat Pakistan
Hafnia; Copenhagen papers in the history of art 0085-1361
Handasah ve-adrikhalut 0017-7164
Hannover (Germany). Architekten- und Ingenieurverein. Zeitschrift
Harper's new monthly magazine
Harvard architecture review 0194-3650
Harvard design magazine 1093-4421
Harvard Graduate School of Design Association. Newsletter
Harvard magazine
Harvard University Art Museums bulletin 1065-6448
Harvard University. Graduate School of Design. HGSD news 0193-6107
Havana. Universidad. Centro de Informacion Cientifica y Tecnica. Tecnologia
Heemschut 0017-9515
Hephaistos 0174-2086
Heresies 0146-3411
Heritage Canada 0315-1298
Heritage outlook
Hesperia : journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
HHFA technical bulletin
Hispanic Society of America. Hispanic notes
Hispanic Society of America. Notes Hispanic
Histoire de l'art 0992-2059
Histoire et archeologie 0294-6017
Histoire et critique des arts
Historia, urbanismo, arquitectura, construccaion, arte: H.U.A.C.A.
Historic preservation 0018-2419
Historic American Building Survey. Selections
Historic bridge bulletin / Society for Industrial Archeology
Historic house 0260-8707
Historic houses 0195-5306
Historic Illinois 0164-5293
Historic places in New Zealand 0112-0743
Historic preservation 0018-2419
Historic preservation 0032-7735
Historic preservation forum 0893-9403
Historic preservation news 0032-7735
Historic preservation news / the newspaper of the National Trust for Historic Pr
Historic preservation. Quarterly of the National Trust for Historic Preservatio
History and archaeology 0225-0101
History of photography 0308-7298
Hogar y arquitectura
Hogar y arquitectura. Separata de Hogar y arquitectura
Hollar : sbornaik grafickae praace
Home Planners Inc., Detroit Design series
Hommages Albert Grenier
Homme et l'architecture
House & garden 0003-858X
House & garden 0018-6404
House & home 0018-6414
House beautiful 0018-6422
House beautiful. Building manual
Housing 0261-0280
Housing (New York) 0161-0619
Housing : Institute of Housing journal
Housing : official journal of the Institute of Housing
Housing and Home Finance Agency. Technical bulletin
Housing and planning
Housing and planning conference papers
Housing and planning news-bulletin
Housing and planning review 0018-6589
Housing and society 0888-2746
Housing and urban development notes
Housing information
Housing monthly
Housing progress
Housing quarterly
Housing review 0018-6651
Housing yearbook
HUD Challenge / U.S. Department of Housing andUrban Development 0017-629X
HUD international
HUD international information series
Human settlements
Hunch: the Berlage Institute report
I F, industrialization forum 0380-0857
I. Russkoe arkheologicheskoe obshchestvo. Zapiski
IA, the journal of the Society for Industrial Archaeology 0160-1040
Ianus: old & new international architecture
IBI bulletin
ICAM news / International Confederation of Architectural Museums
Icomos information
ID: magazine of international design 0894-5373
Idea : Jahrbuch der Hamburger Kunsthalle 0724-133X
Ideas en arte y tecnologaia / Universidad de Belgrano 0326-3878
Il Vasari : rivista di studi Manieristici
Illinois preservation series
Illinois public works
Illustrated London news
Illustrated news
Illustrated news (New York)
In process
In situ: journal of the Zambia Institute of Architects
India. Institute of Town Planners. Journal
Indian antiquary
Indian Archaeology, a review
Indian architect 0019-4409
Indian architect & builder
Indian builder
Indian Institute of Architects journal
Indian Society of Oriental Art. Journal
Indian Town and Country Planning Association. Journal
Indiana architect 0445-8605
Indoors and out
Industria della costruzioni 0579-4900
Industrial archaeology 0019-7971
Industrial archaeology review 0039-0728
Industrial arts
Industrial design 0019-8110
Industrial Designers Society of America. Journal
Industrial Designers Society. Journal
Industrialization forum
Inform : architecture, design, the arts 1047-8353
Information culturelle artistique
Information d'histoire de l'art 0020-0026
Informations d'Ile de France 0396-9975
Informes de la construccion 0020-0883
Ingeniera, arquitectura, construccion
Ingenieria y arquitectura
Inland architect 0020-1472
Inland architect and news record
Innen dekoration
Institut Archeologique Ligeois. Bulletin
Institut arkheologii i iskusstvoznaniia. Trudy sektsii iskusstvoznaniia
Institut arkheologii i iskusstvoznaniia. Trudy sektsii istorii iskusstva
Institut arkheologii i iskusstvoznaniia. Trudy sektsii istorii iskusstvoznaniia
Institut d'amenagement et d'urbanisme de la region d'Ile-de-France. Cahiers
Institut d'amenagement et d'urbanisme de la region parisienne. Bulletin
Institut d'amenagement et d'urbanisme de la region parisienne. Cahiers
Institut d'archeologie Mediterraneene. Bibliography.
Institut d'estudis catalans. Anuari
Institut national d'archologie et d'art (Tunisia). Africa
Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. Catalogue
Institute for Rapid Transit. Chicago. Proccedings of the meeting
Institute of Planning and Zoning, Dallas. Proceedings
Institute of Town Planners, India. Journal
Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Anales
Instituto Nazionale d'Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte. Rivista
Insured mortgage portfolio
Intelligente Architektur 0949-2356
Intensification report 1192-6961
Interior decoration
Interior decorator
Interior decorators
Interior design 0020-5508
Interior design 0164-8470
Interior design and decoration
Interiors 0020-5508
Interiors 0148-012X
Interiors 0164-8470
Internatinal Castles Institute. Bulletin
International architect
International asbestos-cement review
International Castles Institute Bulletin
International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation. Bulletin
International Federation for Housing and Planning. Bulletin
International Federation for Housing and Planning. IFHP news sheet
International Federation of Building and Public Works. Revue
International Federation of European Contractors of Building and Public Works.
International Federation of Housing and Planning. Conference papers
International journal for housing science and its applications 0146-6518
International journal of cultural property 0940-7391
International journal of museum management and curatorship 0260-4779
International journal of urban and regional research 0309-1317
International monthly
International regional science review 0160-0176
International review of African American art
International sculpture 0887-5472
International social development review
International studio
International studio. Special number
Intersections 0095-6945
Intersight 1049-6564
Inttelligente Architektur 0949-2356
Iowa architect 0021-0439
Iran 0578-6967
Iran : journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies
Iranica antiqua 0021-0870
Iraq 0021-0889
Iraq. Supplement
Irish architect 0790-8342
Irish architectural review
Irish arts review 0790-178X
Irish Georgian Society. Bulletin
Irish Georgian Society. Quarterly bulletin
Islamic art 0739-3261
Israel Museum journal
Issues in architecture, art and design 0960-8648
Istituto nazionale d'archeologia e storia dell'arte, Rome. Rivista
ITCC review 0047-1216
Izvestiia rossiiskoi akademii istorii materialnoi kultury
J. Paul Getty Museum J. Paul Getty Museum journal 0362-1979
JA library
Jaarboek monumentenzorg
Jahrbaucher fur Kunstwissenschaft
Jahrbuch = Yearbook / ETH Zaurich, Departement und Abteilung fur Architektur
Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen 0075-2207
Jahrbuch der Hamburger Kunstsammlungen 0075-2274
Jahrbuch der Koniglich Preussischen Kunstsammlungen
Jahrbuch der kunsthchen Sammlungen des allerhochsten Kaiserhauses
Jahrbuch der kunsthistorischen Sammlungen
Jahrbuch der kunsthistorischen Sammlungen des allerhochsten Kaiserhauses
Jahrbuch der kunsthistorischen Sammlungen des Kaiserhauses
Jahrbuch der kunsthistorischen Sammlungen in Wien
Jahrbuch der Osterreichischen Byzantinistik 0378-8660
Jahrbuch der preussischen Kunstsammlungen
Jahrbuch der preussischen Kunstsammlungen. Beiheft
Jahrbuch der rheinischen Denkmalpflege
Jahrbuch der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Jahrbuch der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen in Baden-Waurttemberg
Jahrbuch des Museums faur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg 0723-7871
Jahrbuch des Zentralinstituts fur kunstgeschichte 0177-8978
Jahreshefte des Osterreichischen Archologischen Institutes in Wien 0078-3579
Japan architect 0021-4302
Japan architect 0448-8512
Japan Society, London. Transactions
Japan Society. London. Transactions and proceedings
Japan: environmental design
Journal / International Working-Party for Documentation and Conservation of Buil 1380-3204
Journal / Maine Olmsted Alliance for Parks & Landscapes
Journal / the Thirties society 0265-2625
Journal and annual report / The Scottish Georgian Society for the Study and Prot
Journal d'histoire de l'architecture
Journal of aesthetics and art criticism 0021-8529
Journal of archaeological science 0305-4403
Journal of architectural and planning research 0738-0895
Journal of architectural conservation 1355-6207
Journal of architectural education 0149-2993
Journal of architectural education 1046-4883
Journal of architectural research
Journal of architectural theory and criticism 0953-220X
Journal of architecture 1360-2365
Journal of art
Journal of arts and ideas
Journal of Canadian art history = Annales d'histoire de l'art canadien 0315-4297
Journal of decorative and propaganda arts 0888-7314
Journal of decorative art and British decorator
Journal of design history 0952-4649
Journal of early southern decorative arts 0098-9266
Journal of Egyptian archaeology 0307-5133
Journal of environmental design
Journal of environmental education 0095-8964
Journal of field archaeology 0093-4690
Journal of garden history 0144-5170
Journal of glass studies 0075-4250
Journal of Hellenic studies 0075-4269
Journal of housing 0272-7374
Journal of Indian art
Journal of Indian art and industry
Journal of Indian Museums
Journal of Jewish art 0160-208X
Journal of land and public utility economics
Journal of National Housing and Town Planning Council
Journal of planning and environment law 0307-4870
Journal of planning and property law
Journal of planning education and research 0739-456X
Journal of planning literature 0885-4122
Journal of property research 0959-9916
Journal of real estate development 0887-5812
Journal of real estate research 0896-5803
Journal of regional science 0022-4146
Journal of Southeast Asian architecture 0218-9593
Journal of the American Institute of Architects
Journal of the American Institute of Planners 0002-8991
Journal of the American Planning Association 0194-4363
Journal of the American Society of Architectural Historians
Journal of the Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel
Journal of the British Archaeological Association 0068-1288
Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects 0019-4913
Journal of the Indian Town & Country Planning Association
Journal of the Israel Town Planning Association
Journal of the National Housing andTown Planning Council
Journal of the Royal Institute of Architects
Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects
Journal of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada... 0228-0744
Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 0037-9808
Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain
Journal of the Taliesin Fellows 1059-437X
Journal of the Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society 0264-5157
Journal of the Town Planning Institute
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 0075-4390
Journal of urban affairs 0735-2166
Journal of urban analysis 0091-1909
Journal of urban analysis and public management 0091-1909
Journal of urban analysis and public management 0883-6027
Journal of urban history 0096-1442
Journal of urban technology 1063-0732
Jugoslavenska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti. Razred za likovne umjetnosti. Bu
Jugoslavija (English version)
Kaiserlich Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Jahrbuch
Kaiserlich Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Athenische Abteilung. Mitteilun
Karthago 0453-3429
Karthago : revue d'archaeologie africaine
Kauserlich Deutsches Archaologisches Institut. Jahrbuch
Kenchiku bunka 0003-8490
Kenchiku bunka 0451-6451
Kenchiku sekai
Kent Archaeological Society. Archaeologia Cantiana
Kentiku sekai
Kentucky State Historical Society. Register
Kenyon review
Khristianskiaiaa drevnosti
Khudozhestvennyaiae sokrovishcha Rossii
Kirchenschmuck : Blaatter des Christlichen Kunstvereines der Diocese Seckau
Kokusai kenchiku
Kolner Domblatt 0450-6413
Kolner Jahrbuch faur Vor- und Frauhgeschichte 0075-6512
Koninklijke commissie voor monumenten en landschappen. Bulletin
Konsthistorisk tidskrift 0023-3609
Kontur : Swedish design annual
Krakow (Poland). Prace z historii sztuki
Kritische Berichte 0340-7403
Kunst 0023-5423
Kunst & Antiquitaaten 0314-4159
Kunst + Architektur in der Schweiz = Art + architecture en Suisse = Arte + archi 0566-236X
Kunst des Orients 0023-5393
Kunst fur alle
Kunst in Hessen und am Mittelrhein 0452-8514
Kunst und das schone heim 0023-5423
Kunst und Kirche 0023-5431
Kunstchronik 0023-5474
Kunstforum international 0177-3674
Kunstgeschichtliche Anzeigen
Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence. Mitteilungen
Kunsthistorisches Jahrbuch, Gra
Kunstwerk 0023-561X
Kwartalnik architektury i urbanistyki 0023-5865
Kwartalnik architektury i urbanistyki, teoria i historia
L.A. architect 0885-7377
Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. Journal
Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. Transactions
Land development studies 0264-0821
Land economics 0023-7639
Land forum 1526-7849
Land usage
Land use law & zoning digest 0094-7598
Land use policy 0264-8377
Landeskonservator Rheinland
Landmarks observer 0272-1384
Landscape 0023-8023
Landscape 0110-1439
Landscape and garden
Landscape and urban planning 0169-2046
Landscape architectural review 0228-6963
Landscape architecture 0023-8031
Landscape Australia 0310-9011
Landscape design 0020-2908
Landscape design 0962-2187
Landscape design extra 0962-2187
Landscape design extra 0020-2908
Landscape gardening
Landscape history 0143-3768
Landscape journal 0277-2426
Landscape planning
Landskab 0023-8066
Land-use controls
Land-use controls : a quarterly review
Land-use controls annual
Latin American art 1042-9808
Latvijas arhitektaura
Leonardo 0024-094X
Library journal
Libya antiqua
Lichfield and South Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society. Transa
Lichfield Archaeological and Historical Society. Transactions
Little journal / The Western New York Chapter of the Society of Architectural Hi
Liturgical arts.
Livable city 0885-4394
Liverpool University. School of Architecture. Liverpool architectural sketchboo
Living architecture 0108-4135
Living places 0383-3003
Living places (Canada)
Living places = Cadres de vie
Living spaces = Cadres de vie
Log home decor for builders and buyers 0833-9686
Log home guide for builders and buyers 0707-5006
London and Middlesex Archaeological Society. Transactions
London archaeologist 0024-5984
London journal 0305-8034
London journal [microform]
London Society. Journal
London studio
London, Edinburgh and Dublin philosophical magazine and journal of sciences
London. University College. Bartlett Society
Long-range planning
Los Angeles (Calif.). Architectural Club. Year book
Los Angeles County Museum. Quarterly
Lotus : an international review of contemporary architecture
Lotus international 0076-101X
Lyons (France). Societe academique d'architecture. Annales
M.E.T.U. journal of the faculty of architecture
Mac journal 1355-3046
Magazine antiques 0161-9284
Magazine of art
Magazine of international design: ID 0192-3021
Magazine of light
Magazine of lighting
Magazine of the faculty of architecture & town planning, Technion--Haifa 0792-5956
Magazine of the fine arts and journal of literature and science
Magyar Epitomuveszet 0025-0082
Main-environment systems
Mainz. Romisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum. Jahrbuch
Mainzer Zeitschrift
Maison francaise 0025-0953
Maisons d'hier & d'aujourd'hui = De woonstede door de eeuwem heen
Man-environment systems 0025-1550
Marburger Jahrbuch faur Kunstwissenschaft
Marburger Winckelmann-Programm
Marg 0025-2913
Marquee: the journal of the Theatre Historical Society 0025-3928
Maryland historical magazine
Masalah Bangunan
Mass transit 0364-3484
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Architecture, Research
Massachusetts State Planning Board. Planning forum
Master drawings 0025-5025
Material culture 0032-0005
Material culture 0883-3680
Materialy po arkheologii Kavkaza
Materialy po arkheologii Rossii
Matires 1422-3449
Mayland historical magazine
Mededelingen van het Nederlands Instituut te Rome
Medieval archaeology 0076-6097
Melanges d'archeologie et d'histoire
Melanges de l'ecole franacaise de Rome. Moyen age - temps modernes 0223-5110
Melanges de l'Ecole francaise de Rome. Antiquite 0223-5102
Melanges de l'Ecole francaise de Rome. Italie et Mediterranee 0223-5110
Memoires de la Societae d'Agriculture, Commerce, Sciences et Arts du Departme 0239-9525
Memoires de la Societe de la Marne
Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 0065-6801
Messina. Universita. Istituto di Storia dell'arte Medioevale e Moderna. Quaderni
Metals in construction
Metiers d'art 0152-2418
Metro 0162-6221
Metro magazine 0162-6221
Metropolis 0279-4977
Metropolitan area digest
Metropolitan home 0273-2858
Metropolitan Museum of Art bulletin 0026-1521
Metropolitan Museum of Art. Metropolitan Museum journal 0077-8958
Metropolitan museum studies
Mexican art and life
Mexico. Universidad Nacional. Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas. Anales
Michigan architect and engineer
Michigan national architect
Michigan Society of Architects. Bulletin
Michigan Society of Architects. Journal
Michigan Society of Architects. Monthly
Michigan Society of Architects. Monthly bulletin
Michigan Society of Architects. Weekly bulletin
Middle East construction 0308-0528
Midgaard 0892-0893
Mimar: architecture in development 0129-8372
Mimar: architecture in development supplement 0129-8372
Mimarlik 1300-4212
Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Bulletin
Minnesota historical archaeology series
Mir iskusstva
Mir iskusstva. Kronika
Miscellanea Giulio Belvedere
Mitteilungen der Antiquarischen Gesellschaft in Zurich
Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft fur Gartenkultur
Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Floren
Mitteilungen des Seminars fur orientalische Sprachen an der Koniglichen Friedr
Mittheilungen der Kaiserlich-Koniglichen Central-Commission ...
Mobilier et decoration
Modern etchings etc.
Modern healthcare 0160-7480
Modern hospital
Modern steel construction 0036-8445
Moderne Bauformen
Modernism magazine : 20th century art & design 1098-8211
Modular quarterly
Modulus 01 90-4022
Monatshefte fur Baukunst
Monatshefte fur Baukunst and Staadtebau
Monatshefte fur Kunstwissenschaft
Moniteur architecture AMC 0998-4194
Moniteur des architectes
Montana State architectural review 0741-6849
Montevideo. Instituto de Teoria de la Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Facultad de Arqu
Montevideo. Universidad. Facultad de Arquitectura. Revista
Monumenta serica
Monumenta: Boletaim da Comis~so dos Monumentos Nacionais de Moacambique 0544-9839
Monumental : revue scientifique et technique de la Sous-direction des monuments
Monumental news
Monumental: revue scientifique et technique de la sous-direction des monuments
Monumenten en landschappen: M & L 0770-4948
Monumentos de Aragon
Monuments historiques 0242-830X
Monuments historiques de la France 0027-0768
Monuments historiques de la France. N.S.
Monumentum 0027-0776
Muir's original log home guide for builders and buyers 0844-3459
Munchner Jahrbuch der bildenden Kunst 0077-1899
Mundo da arte
Municipal Art Society newsletter
Municipal Reference and Research Center. Notes
Munster 0027-299X
Muqarnas 0732-2922
Mur 0332-5733
Mur vivant 0992-518X
Museen der Stadt Koln
Musei ferraresi: Bollettino annuale
Museum 0027-3996
Museum & arts Washington 0884-1918
Museum (UNESCO)
Museum : a quarterly review
Museum : Newark Museum Association. Quarterly
Museum news 0027-4089
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Bulletin
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Bulletin - The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 0018-6708
Museum of Modern Art, New York. Art nouveau: art and design at the turn of the
Museum of Modern Art. Bulletin
Museum. UNESCO
Museum; quarterly review (UNESCO) 0027-3996
Muveszet 0580-3608
Muveszettorteneti ertesito 0027-5247
NACF magazine
NACF news
NAHB correlator
NAHB journal of homebuilding
NAHB journal-scope
NAHO news
NAIOP news
Napoli nobilissima
Napoli nobilissima : rivista di arti figurative, archeologia e belle arti
Napoli nobilissima : rivista di arti figurative, archeologia e urbanistica
National Academy bulletin
National architect
National Association for the Advancement of Art. Transactions
National Buildings Organisation (India). Journal
National Federation of Housing Societies. Official bulletin
National Federation of Housing Societies. Quarterly bulletin
National Gallery of Canada. Bulletin
National Gallery technical bulletin 0140-7430
National Housing Association publications
National Institute for Architectural Education. Yearbook
National real estate investor 0027-9994
National Register bulletin
National sculpture review
National Trust magazine
National Trust news
National Trust studies
National trust yearbook
Nation's cities 0028-0488
Nederlands Instituut te Rome Mededelingen van het Nederlands Instituut te Rome
Nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek. Netherlands yearbook for history of art 0169-6726
Nederlandsch historisch institut te Rome. Mededeelingen
Neighborhood 0740-5219
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art bulletin
Neue Bauwelt
Neue Frankfurt : internationale Monatsschrift fur die Probleme kultureller Neug
Neue Schau
Neue Stadt
Nevada highways and parks
New art examiner 0886-8115
New Atlantis
New city
New international yearbook
New Irish architecture 0780-0578
New Irish architecture 0790-9578
New Mexico architect
New Mexico architecture 0545-3151
New pencil points
New York (City) Ecclesiological Society. Transactions
New York (City) municipal reference notes
New York (City). Municipal Reference and Research Center. Notes
New York (City). Municipal Reference and Research Library. Notes
New York (City). Municipal Reference Library. Notes
New York (N.Y.). Beaux-arts Institute of Design. Bulletin
New York (N.Y.). Dept. of Planning. Newsletter
New York (N.Y.). Municipal Reference Library. Notes
New York (N.Y.). Municipal reference notes
New York (N.Y.). Museum of Modern Art. Bulletin
New York affairs 0090-9920
New York architect
New York City Beaux-Arts Institute of Design. Bulletin
New York Historical Society. Collections
New York Historical Society. Quarterly
New York Historical Society. Quarterly bulletin
New York history
New York planning review
New York quarterly
New York sketch-book of architecture
New York State Executive Department. Division of State Planning. Report
New York University. Bulletin of the work of graduate students in the School of
New York University. Hall of American artists
New York. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bulletin
New York. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Metropolitan Museum studies
New Zealand architect 0110-425X
New Zealand historic places 0112-0743
New Zealand historic places 0114-9172
New Zealand historic preservation 0114-9172
Newletter / Society of Architectural Historians
Newletter /Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain
News (Society of Architectural Historians. Southern California chapter.)
News journal / Society for Commercial Archeology 0735-1399
Newsletter - Fogg Art Museum 0440-3819
Newsletter / International Centre for the Study of the Preservation andthe Rest
Newsletter / Landmark West!
Newsletter / Maine Olmsted Alliance for Parks & Landscapes
Newsletter / Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain 0018-2419
Newsletter / the Catalog of Landscape Records in the United States 1046-2627
Newsletter / The Garden History Society 0269-4123
Newsletter for COPAR 0276-5012
Niederdeutsche Beitraage zur Kunstgeschichte 0078-0537
Nihon Kenchiku Gakkai Keikakukei ronbon hokoku shu = Journal of architecture 0910-8017
Nineteenth century 0097-5184
North Carolina architect 0029-2427
North Carolina architecture 0029-2427
North Carolina architecture 1045-3253
North Carolina State University, Raleigh School of Design. Student publication
North Carolina. University. State College of Agriculture and Engineering, Raleig
Northeast historical archaeology
Northern architect 0305-0173
Northwest Architect 0029-330X
Northwest Architect 0199-607X
Note d'information technique 0528-4880
Notes on Virginia 0163-1632
Notizie da Palazzo Albani 0391-4364
Nouvelles annales de la contruction
Nouvelles archives des missions scientifiques et litteraires
Nouvelles du patrimoine 0773-9796
Nova Scotia Technical College, Halifax. School of Architecture. Report series
Nuestra arquitectura 0029-5701
Nueva formas
Nuova citt
Nuremberg. Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Anzeiger.
Ny Carlsberg glyptotek. Meddelelser fra Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 0085-3208
Obradoiro 0211-6065
Obras 0185-464X.
Ochrona zabytkow 0029-8247
October 0162-2870
Oculus 0885-5927
Oeil 0029-862X
Oeil 0183-3014
Official architecture and planning
Ohio architect and builder
Old mill news 0276-3338
Old time New England
Old-house interiors 1079-3941
Old-house journal 0094-0178
Old-house journal's historic house plans 1071-0868
Old-time New England 0030-2031
ON arquitectura, interiorismo, dise~no industrial y grafico
ON diseo 0210-2080
OPD restauro 1120-2513
Open house international 0168-2601
Oppositions 0094-5676
Opus : quaderno di storia dell'architettura e restauro
Opus incertum 0882-7087
Opuscula romana
OR California arts andarchitecture
Oriental art 0030-5278
Orientations 0030-5448
Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi. Mimarlik Fakultrsi Dergisi, Ankara
Osservatorio delle arti
Osterreiche Zeitschrift fur Denkmalpflege
Osterreichische Byzantinische Gesellschaft. Jahrbuch
Osterreichische Kunsttopographie
Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur Kunst und Denkmalpflege 0029-9626
Osterreichischen Byzantinistik. Jahrbuch
Osterreichischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein. Zeitschrift
Osterreichisches Archaologisches Institut Vienna. Jahreshefte des Osterreich
Osterreichisches Archaologisches Institut. Grabungen
Osterreichisches Archaologisches Institut. Jahreshefte
Osterreichisches Archaologisches Institut. Jahreshefte. Beiblatt
Osterreichisches Archaologisches Institut. Jahreshefte. Hauptblatt
OSU theatre collection bulletin
Ottagono 0391-7487
Oud Holland 0030-672X
Out of Jerusalem 0333-6271
Ouvres et matres d'uvre
Overseas building notes
Oxford art journal 0142-6540
Oxford journal of archaeology 0262-5253
Oxford Polytechnic. Dept. of Town Planning. Oxford working papers in planning e
Oz / College of Architecture andDesign Kansas State University 0888-7802
Pacific art review
Pacific coast architect
Padua. Museo Civico. Bollettino
Pakistan archaeology
Palestine. Dept. of Antiquities. Quarterly
Palladio 0031-0379
Palladio : rivista di storia dell'architettura
Palladio. Sommario
Pamphlet architecture
Pantheon 0031-0999
Pantheon 0720-0056
Papers of the British School at Athens 0068-2462
Papers of the British School at Rome 0068-2462
Paragone arte 0721-1902
Parametro 0031-1731
Paris projet
Paris. Concours
Paris. Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts. Bulletin
Paris. Institut. Acadaemie des inscriptions et belles lettres. Monuments et memoires
Paris. Institute d'Amenagement et d'urbanisme de la region Parisienne. Cahiers
Parks & recreation 0031-2215
Parks & recreation 0031-2223
Parks and planning
Parnassus : the Allen R. Hite Art Institute graduate journal, University of Louisville
Partisan planning
Pavilon 0865-6622
Pencil points
Pennsylvania German Society
Pennsylvania magazine of art and biography
Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography
Pennsylvania. University. University Museum. University Museum Bulletin
Period home 0261-3204
Period living 0958-1987
Period living & traditional homes
Peristil 0553-6707
Perspecta 0079-0958
Perspecta. The Yale architectural journal
Perspectives in vernacular architecture 0087-9885
Perspectives on architecture 1352-7584
Perspectives: the journal of the Ontario Association of Architects 1192-8018
Perspektiven 0004-7805
Peter B. Andrews memorial lecture
Petit journal des grandes expositions
Philadelphia Museum bulletin
Philadelphia Museum of Art. Bulletin 0031-7314
Piatyi arkheologicheskii siezd v Tiflisaiae ... Trudy
Pierres de France
Pioneer America 0032-0005
Pioneer America Society. Newsletter
Pioneer America Society. Transactions
Piranesi 1318-007X
Place 0278-274X
Places 0731-0455
Plaisir de France
Plan (Netherlands) 0032-0536
Plan (South Africa)
Plan (Stockholm)
Plan (Switzerland)
Plan : maandblad voor ontwerp en omgeving
Plan : review of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning 8755-1128
Plan Canada 0032-0544
Plan. Architectural students Assoc. journal
Plan. South Africa
Plan: architecture + building design in Ireland
Plan: architecture + interior design in Ireland
Plan: Ireland's architectural magazine
Planen Bauen + Wohnen
Planification, habitat, information
Planner 0309-1384
Planner: journal of the Royal Town Planning Institute
Planners' journal
Planners' notebook
Planning 0001-2610
Planning (American Society of Planning Officials)
Planning : selected papers
Planning : selected papers from the ASPO National Planning Conference
Planning and civic comment
Planning comment 0032-0706
Planning news 0028-7679
Planning news 0885-6737
Planning outlook 0032-0714
Planning outlook. New series
Planning perspectives: PP 0266-5433
Planning quarterly 0111-9435
Planning: methodiek en toepassing 0167-3572
Planning: the ASPO magazine 0001-2610
Plumber and sanitary engineer
Police sciences
Polish art studies / Polska Akademia Nauk, Instytut Sztuki 0208-7243
Political quarterly
Polska Akademia Nauk. Komisja Urbanistyki i Architektury. Teka 0079-3450
Polska Akademia Nauk. Komitet Architektury i Urbanistyki. Studia i materiaay do
Pontificia accademia romana di archeologia. Memorie
Pontificia accademia romana di archeologia. Rendiconti
Portfolio 0163-092X
Portfolio: student work from the School of Architecture and Planning, University
Portico / the University of Michigan, College of Architecture + Urban Planning
Portland Art Association (Portland, Ore.). Report
Portland Friends of cast-iron architecture Newsletter
Portugal. Direcac~o Geral dos Edificios e Monumentos Nacionais. Boletim 0870-1466
Posen. Seria: Historia sztuki
Possibilities 0743-8788
Post-medieval archaeology 0079-4236
Prace z Historii Sztuki
Pracina Nepala
Practices 1059-7239
Practicing architect
Practicing planner 0161-6994
Prairie school review
Pratt journal of architecture 0883-7279
Pratt planning papers
Praxis : journal of writing + building 1526-2065
Precis 0887-8781
Prefabricated homes
Preservation : the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation 0018-2419
Preservation briefs 0885-7016
Preservation forum 0893-9403
Preservation guideline
Preservation League of New York State. Newsletter 0882-7478
Preservation news 0032-7735
Preservation notes
Preservation perspective NJ
Preservation tech notes 0741-9023
Preservation: the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation 0018-2419
Princeton architectural journal 0741-1774
Princeton journal 0741-1774
Princeton journal: Landscape 0741-1774
Princeton University. School of Architecture and Planning. Newsletter
Print collector
Print collector's newsletter 0032-8537
Print collector's quarterly
Print quarterly 0265-8305
Prize bridges
Proa 0032-9150
Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 0081-1564
Process: architecture 0386-037X
Producers' Council technical bulletin
Profil : Osterreichische Monatsschrift fur bildende Kunst
Progressive architecture 0033-0752
Project monograph
Projekt 0033-8957
Projeto 0101-1766
Prospezioni archeologiche
Prostor / Arhitektonski fakultet Sveuaciliasta u Zagrebu 1130-0652
Providence. Rhode Island School of Design. Museum. Museum notes
Proyectos y materiales
Ptah 1239-3401
Public construction
Public housing
Public Interest 0033-3557
Publications in archeology 0270-1308
Publieke werken
Quaderni del centro di studio per l'archeologia etrusco-italica
Quaderni della Soprintendenza ai beni artistici e storici di Venezia
Quaderni dell'Istituto di storia dell'architettura 0485-4152
Quaderni dell'Istituto di urbanistica
Quaderni di archeologia della Libia 0079-8258
Quaderni di Palazzo Te 0394-5847
Quadernos de arquitectura
Quadernos de arquitectura virreinal 0185-8572
Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme 0211-9595
Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme 1133-8857
Quarterly bulletin of the Irish Georgian Society
RACAR, revue d'art canadienne. Canadian art review 0315-9906
Raggi : Zeitschrift faur Kunstgeschichte und Archaologie
RAIC student design annual = Annuaire du design aetudiant de l'IRAC 1185-488X
Railroad Station Historical Society. Bulletin 0147-0027
Rassegna 0393-0203
Rassegna critica di architettura
Rassegna d'arte
Rassegna d'arte antica e moderna
Rassegna di architettura
Rassegna di architettura e urbanistica 0392-8608
Raumforschung und raumordnung
Raw vision 0955-1182
Real estate finance 0748-318X
Real estate finance journal 0898-0209
Real estate forum 0034-0707
Real estate issues 0146-0595
Real estate record
Reale Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Notizie degli scavi di antichita
Reales sitios 0486-0993
Recherche & architecture 0373-4285
Reconstruccion. Madrid
Record interiors 0277-6219
Record of the Art Museum, Princeton University 0032-843X
Reflections: the journal of the School of Architecture Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 0739-9448
Regional Plan Association, Inc., N.Y.. Information bulletin
Regional plan bulletin
Regional plan news
Regional Science Association. Papers
Regional studies 0034-3404
Repertorium fur Kunstwissenschaft
Repository of arts
Repository of arts, literature, fashions, manufactures, &c.
Res 0277-1322
Residential interiors 0362-1316
Restaurant and hotel design 0191-345X
Restaurant/hotel design international 0898-9079
Restauro 0011-1511
Restauro & citt
Reunion des societes des beaux-arts des departements
Review of Regional Studies
Review: student work at Tulane School of Architecture
Revista d'arte
Revista de arqueologia
Revista de arquitectura 0716-8772
Revista de los artes y los oficios
Revista del Instituto y Museo Arqueologico
Revista del Museo Nacional, Lima, Peru
Revista do patrimnio historico e artistico nacional 0102-2571
Revista do servico do patrimonio historico e artistico nacional
Revista interamericana di planificacin
Revista mexicana de ingenieria y arquitectura
Revista nacional de arquitectura
Revue archeologique 0035-0737
Revue archeologique de l'est et du centre-est 0035-0745
Revue archeologique de Narbonnaise 0557-7705
Revue belge d'archeologie et d'histoire de l'art
Revue d'art et d'esthetique
Revue de la Federation Internationale des Entrepreneurs Europeens de Batiment et
Revue de l'architecture
Revue de l'art 0035-1326
Revue de l'art ancien et moderne
Revue de l'art chretien
Revue de l'Association des ingenieurs et architectes haitiens
Revue des archeologues et historiens d'art de Louvain 0080-2530
Revue des arts asiatiques
Revue des arts decoratifs
Revue du Louvre et des musaees de France 0035-2608
Revue generale de l'architecture
Revue generale de l'architecture et des travaux publics
Revue historique et archeologique du Maine
Revue internationale de la propriete btie
Revue le arts asiatiques
Revue roumaine d'histoire de l'art 0556-8080
Revue roumaine d'histoire de l'art. Serie beaux-arts
Revue universelle des arts
Rhode Island history
Rhode Island School of Design. Bulletin
Rhode Island School of Design. Museum of Art Bulletin
RIAI year book
RIBA journal 0035-8932
RIBA journal 0950-8902
RIBA journal 0953-6973
RIBA journal 1463-9505
Rijksmuseum (Netherlands). Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum
Ritchie news
Rivista d'arte
Rivista dell'Istituto nazionale d'archeologia e storia dell'arte
Rivista di archeologia 0392-0895
Rivista di archeologia cristiana 0035-6042
Rivista di archeologia cristiana. Miscellanea in onore di Enrico Josi, I
Rivista di archeologia cristiana. Miscellanea in onore di Enrico Josi, II
Rivista di studi pompeiani
Rocznik historii sztuki 0080-3472
Rome (City) Commissione archeologica comunale. Bullettino della Commissione arc
Rome (City). Universit. Istituto di storia dell'architettura Quaderni 0485-4152
Rome (Italy). Commissione Archeologica Comunale di Roma. [Publication]
Rome (Italy). Universit. Istituto di Topografia Antica. Quaderni
Rome. Bollettino del Museo dell'impero Romano
Rome. Universit. Istituto di architettura e urbanistica. Rassegna di architet
Romische Quartalschrift fur christliche Altertumskunde
Romische Quartalschrift fur christliche Altertumskunde und Kirchengeschichte
Romisches jahrbuch fur kunstgeschichte 0342-2046
Roof 0307-6911
Roopa-Lekha 0035-8215
Roslyn Landmark Society Annual house tour guide
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Journal
Royal Australian Planning Institute. Journal
Royal Institute of Architects. Journal.
Royal Institute of British Architects. Journal
Royal Institute of British Architects. Journal of proceedings
Royal Institute of British Architects. Library bulletin
Royal Institute of British Architects. Papers
Royal Institute of British Architects. Practice
Royal Institute of British Architects. Transactions
Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland. Yearbook
Royal Institution of Cornwall. Journal
Royal Ontario Museum. Archaeological newsletter
Royal Ontario Museum. Archaeological newsletter. Series II
Royal Society of Arts, London. RSA journal 0958-0433
Royal Society of Arts. London. RSA journal 0035-9114
Royal Society of Literature in the United Kingdom. Transactions
Royal Town Planning Institute. Journal
Royal Victorian Institute of Architects. Journal of proceedings
RSA journal 0958-0433
RUA/Universidad Federal da Bahaia, Faculdade de Arquitetura, Mestrado e, Arquite 0103-1651
Russia. I. Arkheologicheskaaiaa kommissaiaa. Compte rendu
Russkiai khudozhestvennyai arkhiv
Russkoe arkheologicheskoe obshchestvo. Zapiski
Rutgers art review 0194-049X
Sachsischer Verein fur Erforschung und Erhaltung der vaterlandischen Altertha
SADG : bulletin de la Societae des architectes diplmaes par le gouvernement
Saggi e memorie di storia dell'arte 0392-713X
Saint Louis. City Art Museum. Bulletin
San Francisco Bay architects' review 0748-3899
San Francisco Museum of Art activities
Santo 0391-7819
Sbornik tsentral nykh gosudarstvennykh restauratsionnykh masterskikh
Scenic and historic America
Schone Heim
School executive
Schweizer baumarkt 0255-6898
Science and technology for cultural heritage 1121-9122
Scottish Georgian Society. Annual report & bulletin
Scribner's monthly
Scroope: Cambridge architecture journal 0966-1026
Sculpture 0889-728X
Sculpture review 0747-5284
SD : space design
Seaport 0734-6246
Section a 0715-9781
Selcuklu arasrmalar dergisi
Seminario de arte aragones 0487-3491
Seminarium Kondakovianum
Seminarium Kondakovianum. Recueil d'etudes ...
Simiolus 0037-5411
Sites 0747-9409
Sites et monuments 0489-0280
Skala 0900-0518
Skrifter Utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Rom
Skyline 0162-6981
Smithsonian magazine
Smithsonian studies in American art 0890-4901
Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, Buenos Aires. Publicacion
Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, Buenos Aires. SCA: revista de la Sociedad Cent
Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos. Anuario de la Arquitectura en Colombia
Sociedad Interamericana de Planificacion. Revista
Sociedade e territorio
Societ di archeologia e belle arti per la provincia di Torino. Atti
Societ Magna Grecia, Rome. Atti e memorie
Societ Piemontese di archeologie et belle arti. Atti
Societe academique d'archeologie ... du departement de l'Oise. Memoires
Societe archeologique de Midi de la France. Album
Societe archeologique du Midi de la France. [Publication]
Societe archeologique du Vendmois. [Publication]
Societe archeologique du Vendmois. Bulletin
Societe centrale des architectes. Bulletin mensuel
Societe d'Agriculture, Commerce, Sciences et Arts du departement de la Marne.
Societe de la Marne. Memoires
Societe de l'histoire de l'art francais. Bulletin 0301-4126
Societe des amis de la cathedrale de strasbourg
Societe des amis de la cathedrale de Strasbourg. Bulletin
Societe des amis des monuments parisiens
Societe des amis des monuments parisiens. Bulletin
Societe des antiquaires de l'ouest
Societe des antiquaires de l'ouest. Memoires
Societe des antiquaires de Picardie. [Publication]
Societe des antiquaires de Picardie. Memoires
Societe des antiquaires du centre. Memoires
Societe d'histoire d'archaeologie de Brie-Comte-Robert. Bulletin
Societe francaise d'archeologie. Bibliothque
Societe nationale des antiquaires de France Bulletin
Societe nationale des antiquaires de France. Memoires
Societe saviosienne d'histoire et d'archeologie. Memoires
Society for College and University Planning. Selected papers from the annual co
Society for Industrial Archaeology. [Publication]
Society for Industrial Archaeology. Data sheet
Society for Industrial Archaeology. Occasional publications
Society for Industrial Archeology Journal 0160-1040
Society for Industrial Archeology. [Publication]
Society for Industrial Archeology. Newsletter 0160-1067
Society for research in Chinese architecture. Bulletin
Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiques. Preservation Notes
Society for the preservation of New England antiquities. Bulletin
Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada. Bulletin 0228-0744
Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada. Journal 0288-0744
Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada. Selected papers 0820-8182
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Proceedings 0081-1564
Society of Architectural Historians. Journal 0037-9808
Society of Architectural Historians. Newsletter
Society of Architectural Historians. Southern California chapter. News
Society of Architectural Historians./ Journal 0037-9808
Society of Industrial Archaeology. Journal
Socio-economic planning sciences
Sodalizio tra studiosi dell'arte. Colloqui del Sodalizio.
Soprindenza ai beni Artistici e Storici di Venezia. Quaderni
Source: notes in the history of art 0737-4453
South African architect
South African architectural record
South Carolina architecture
South Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society. Transactions 0457-7817
South Street Reporter.
South Street Seaport reporter
Southeast Asia building 0129-6175
Southeastern College Art Conference review
Southern accents 0149-516X
Southern architect
Southern architect and building news
Southern architecture and urban development newsletter 0894-5357
Sovetskoe isskustvo
Soviet archaeology 0038-5034
Space design 0563-0991
Spazio e societ 0392-4947
St. Louis. City Art Museum. Bulletin
Stadt 0722-8352
Stadtebauliche Vertraage
Stained glass 0038-9161
Stained glass quarterly 0038-9161
Staleta Praha
Stanford museum 0085-6665
Starinar. Belgrade
Starinar. Belgrade. Nouvelle saerie
Starye gody
Statliche Museen (East Berlin). Forschungen und Berichte 0863-0739
Statliche Museen zu Berlin (Germany East). Forschungen und Berichte 0863-0739
Statliche Museen zu Berlin (Germany : East) Forschungen und Berichte 0067-6004
Stedebouw en volkshuisvesting 0039-0879
Stiekerein und Spitzen
Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Jahrbuch Preussischer Kulturbesitz 0342-0124
Stile futurista
Stockholm. Akademien for de fria konsterna. Meddelanden
Storia architettura 0390-4253
Storia della citt
Storia dell'arte 0392-4513
Storia dell'arte 0587-1131
Storia urbana
Stroitelstvo Moskvy
Structurist 0081-6027
Student Publication of the School of Design at North Carolina State University
Studi di storia dell'arte
Studi e documenti di archeologia
Studi e documenti di architettura 0301-6455
Studia i Materialy do Teorii i Historii Architectury i Urbanistyki.
Studies in building history
Studies in conservation 0039-3630
Studies in iconography 0148-1029
Studies in Islamic architecture
Studies in Mediterranean archaeology
Studies in Mediterranean archaeology and literature
Studies in the decorative arts 1069-8825
Studies in the history of art 0091-7338
Studies in the history of gardens & designed landscapes 1460-1176
Studii si cercetari de istoria artei. Seria arta plastica 0039-3983
Studio international 0039-4114
Studio works 1060-8486
Studio year book
Studio yearbook of decorative art
Studio. Supplement, Special winter number: Holme, Charles. Pen, pencil andchal
Stuttgart. Universitat. Institut fur Leichte Flachentragwerke Il 0081-9018
Style 1900 1080-451X
Sumer : a journal of archaelogy andhistory in Iraq
Summa 0325-4615
Summa : revista de arquitectura, tecnologia y diseano
Summa+ 0327-9022
Sussex archaeological collections 0143-8204
Sussex archaeological notes and queries
Sussex Archaeological Society. Collections
Sussex Archaeological Society. Newsletter 0307-2568
Svenska Institutet i Athen. Skrifter
Svenska Institutet i Rom. Opuscula Romana 9
Svenska Institutet i Rom. Skrifter
Svenska Institutet i Rom. Skrifter Utgivna
Svenska Institutet i Rom. Skrifter Utgivna. Opuscula Romana
Svenska Institutet i Rom. Skrifter. Opuscula Romana
Swedish Council for Building Research. Document
Syria 0039-7946
Syria : revue d'art oriental et d'archaeologie
Systems building news
Szekesfehervar (Hungary). Istvan Kiraly Muzeum. Istvan Kiraly Mauzeum K
Tableau: tijdschrift voor beeldende kunst 0166-4492
Taide-Historiallisia Tutkimuksia. Konsthistoriska studier 0355-1938
Taurk arkeoloji dergisi
Taurk Tarih Kurumu. Belleten
Technical America
Technion 0040-1188
Techniques et architecture 0373-0719
Techniques et architecture : revue mensuelle
Techniques et architecture : supplement Cahiers du Centre scientifique et t
Technology & conservation 0146-1214
Technology architectural record
Technology architectural review
Teka Komisji Urbanistyki i Architektury
Tennessee planner
Texas architect 0040-4179
Textile history 0040-4969
Textile Museum (Washington, D.C.). Textile Museum journal 0083-7407
Theatre annual
Theatre classics
Theatre design & technology / USITT 0040-5477
Theatre Historical Society. Annual 0885-3940
Theatre studies
Themata chorou + technon = design in Greece 0074-1191
Third world planning review 0142-7849
Threshold: journal of the School of Architecture, University of Illinios at Chicigo
Thresholds 1091-711X
Tijdschrift voor volkschrift voor volkshuisvesting en stedebouw
Tijdschrift voor volkshuisvesting en stedebouw
Toledo Museum of art news
Toledo Museum of Art. Museum news
Tomorrow's town
Topos: European landscape magazine 0942-752X
Toronto. Royal Ontario Museum. Archaeological newsletter
Toshi jutaku 0563-0991
T'oung po
Town & country planning 0040-9960
Town planning and housing : supplement to the Architectural review
Town Planning Institute. Journal
Town planning quarterly 0041-0012
Town planning quarterly (New Zealand)
Town planning review 0041-0020
Traditional dwellings and settlements review: journal of the International Asso 1050-2092
Traditional dwellings and settlements working paper series
Traditional homes 0950-2181
Traffic quarterly 0041-0713
Transactions / Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings
Transactions / Royal Institute of British Architects 0262-2152
Transactions / Royal Institute of British Architects 0263-2152
Transactions /Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings
Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society 0951-001X
Transactions of the Bartlett Society
Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society
Transactions: Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings
Transition 0157-7344
Transparent 0041-1302
Transport history 0041-1469
Transportation 0049-4488
Transportation quarterly 0278-9434
Trends in housing 0300-6026
Trudy chetvertago arkheologicheskago siezda v Rossii ... v Kazani ... 1877
Trudy Moskovskago arkheologicheskago obshchestva
Trudy novgorodskago tserkovno-arkheologicheskago obshchestva
Trudy pervago arkheologicheskago s'iezda v Moskvie
Trudy piatago arkheologicheskago s'iezda v Tiflisie
Trudy treiago arkheologicheskago s'iaezda v Kievaiae, 1874 goda
Trudy vtorago arkheologicheskago s'iaezda v Sanktpeterburgaiae
T-square club journal
T-Square Club journal of Philadelphia
T-Square Club. American competitions
Tulane architectural view
Tulane School of Architecture review
Turin. Politecnico. Istituto di elementi di architettura e rilievo dei monumenti
Turk Tarih Kurumu. Belleten
Turner studies 0260-597X
Turquie kamliste
Tvai (Israel)
Twentieth century architecture 1353-1964
U.S. Federal Housing Administration. Insured mortgage portfolio
U.S.A. tomorrow
UCLA architecture journal 0890-0558
UIA international architect / International Union of Architects 0267-3215
UIA. Revue de l'union internationale des architectes
Ulm : Zeitschrift der Hochschule faur Gestaltung
Ume 1037-5872
Umeni = The art 0049-5123
Union Internationale des Architectes. Revue
United States magazine and democratic review
United States. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Report
United States. Federal Housing Agency. Insured mortgage portfolio
Universidad Central de Venezuela facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo
Universit degli studi di Messina. Istituto di storia dell'arte medievale e mod
University of California. Institute of Urban and Regional Development Working paper.
University of Rochester. Memorial Art Gallery. Gallery notes
University of Tennessee journal of architecture 0748-4917
Unsere Kunstdenkmaaler 0566-263X
Unsere Kunstdenkmaler. Nos Monuments d'Art et d'Histoire. I Nostri Monumenti Sto
Urban affairs quarterly 0042-0816
Urban affairs review 1078-0874
Urban and rural planning thought 0042-0824
Urban and social change review
Urban design 0276-0339
Urban design international 0731-6259
Urban edge 0163-6510
Urban futures 0958-6725
Urban history 0306-0845
Urban History Group newsletter
Urban history review. Revue d'Histoire urbaine 0703-0428
Urban history yearbook 0306-0845
Urban land 0042-0891
Urban Land Institute Project reference file 0364-2925
Urban Land Institute. Technical bulletin
Urban law and policy 0165-0068
Urban law annual
Urban renewal and low-income housing
Urban renewal notes
Urban research news
Urban resources 0741-1308
Urban studies 0042-0980
Urbanism 0276-0339
Urbanism past & present 0160-2780
Urbanisme 0042-1014
Urbanisme : revue francaise
Urbanisme et habitation : la vie urbaine
Urbanismo / CoAM 0213-9391
Urbanismo revista 0213-1110
Urbanistica 0042-1022
Urbe: rivista romana di storia, arte, lettere, costumanze 0042-1030
Urbes nostrae
USA tomorrow 0497-3801
Utah architect
Vanguard 0315-5226
Varstvo Spomenikov
Venezia arti 0394-4298
Venezuela. Universidad Central. Centro de Investigaciones Historicas y Estetic
Vereeniging Antieke Beschaving (Netherlands). Bulletin
Vereeniging tot Bevordering der Kennis van de Antieke Beschaving, The Hague. Bulletin
Verein fur nassauische Alterthumskunde und Geschichtsforschung. Annalen
Verein von Alterthumsfreunden im Rheinlands. Jahrbucher
Verein zur Beforderung des Gewerbfleisses. Kalibrirung der Eisenwalzen
Vernacular architecture 0305-5477
Vernacular architecture newsletter
Vernacular building : Newsletter 0267-3088
Versalia 1285-8412
Via 0506-8347
Via : the student publication of the Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of
Via arquitectura 1137-7402
Victoria and Albert Museum. V & A album
Victorian homes 0744-415X
Victorian Society annual
Victorian Society in America bulletin 0192-7434
Victorian Society in America. Newsletter
Victorian: Newsletter of the Victorian Society in America 0732-393X
Vie d'Italia
Vie urbaine
Vieilles maisons francaises
Vienna. Alterthums Verein. Mittheilungen
Viking 0332-608X
Viking : tidsskrift for norrn arkeologi
Village views 0893-9543
Ville giardini 0042-6237
Vinculos 0304-3703
Vinculos: revista de antropologaia del Museo Nacional de Costa Rica 0304-3703
Visiteur: ville, territoire, paysage, architecture 1265-7034
Vizantiiskii vremennik
Volumezero 9379-1900
Voluntary housing
Wadsworth Atheneum. Bulletin
Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch; Westdeutsches Jahrbuch faur Kunstgeschichte 0083-7105
Walpole Society notebook
Walpole Society, London Volume of the Walpole Society
Walters Art Gallery. Journal
Warburg and Courtauld Institutes. Journal
Warsaw. Muzeum Narodowe. Rocznik
Washington (State) University. Urban Planning Dept. Urban Planning and development.
Washington. University. Development series
Washington. University. College of Architecture andUrban Planning. Dicta
Wasmuths Monatschrifte fur Baukunst und Staadtebau
Wasmuths Monatshefte fur Baukunst
Wasmuths Monatshefte fur Baukunst und Staadtebau
Wasmuths Monatshefte fur Baukunst. Archiv
Waterloo journal of architecture 1188-8210
Weimar. Hochschule fur Architektur und Bauwesen. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift
Weimar. Hochschule. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift
Werk = Oeuvre
Werk, Bauen + Wohnen 0746-3677
West African builder
West African builder and architect
Western architect
Western architect and building news
Western architect and engineer
Western building
Wheel extended 0049-755X
White House history
Wiederhall 0920-1629
Wiener Bauindustrie Zeitung
Wiener Jahrbuch fur Kunstgeschichte 0083-9981
Winterthur portfolio 0084-0416
Wisconsin architect 1083-9178
Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Hochschule fur Architektur und Bauwesen Weimar 0863-0712
Woman's art journal 0270-7993
Women and environments 0229-480X
Worcester Art Museum annual
Worcester Art Museum. News bulletin and calendar
World archaeology 0043-8243
World architecture 0956-9758
World Congress of Engineers andArchitects [papers]
World heritage review 1020-4202
World of interiors 0264-083X
Wright angles 1059-4396.
Wroclawskie Towerzystwo Naukouie. Konisja Histroii. Rozprawy
Xenia 0394-4859
Yale review
Yale seminars in architecture 0149-9106
Yale University. School of Architecture. Retrospecta
Yale University. Art Gallery. Bulletin
Yale University. School of Architecture. Retrospecta
Year Book of Joint Exhibition of Architectural League of Greater Miami and Florida South Chap. A.I.A.
York England. Art Gallery. Preview
York Georgian Society. Annual report
Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Association. Journal
Your church
Your church : its building, equipment, administration
Your church : its building, equipment, administration, finances
Zapiski Odesskago obshchestva istorii i drevnosteai
Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palastina-Vereins
Zeitschrift des Deutschen Vereins fur Kunstwissenschaft 0044-2135
Zeitschrift fur Archaologie des Mittelalters 0340-0824
Zeitschrift fur Archaologie des Mittelalters. Beiheft
Zeitschrift fur Baukunst
Zeitschrift fur Bauwesen
Zeitschrift fur Bauwesen. Atlas
Zeitschrift fur bildende Kunst
Zeitschrift fur bildende Kunst. Kunstchronik
Zeitschrift fur bildende Kunst. Kunstgewerbeblatt
Zeitschrift fur bildende Kunst. Neue Folge
Zeitschrift fur christliche Kunst
Zeitschrift fur Denkmalpflege
Zeitschrift fur Geschichte der Architektur
Zeitschrift fur Kunst
Zeitschrift fur Kunstgeschichte 0044-2992
Zeitschrift fur Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung 0931-7198
Zeitschrift fur schweizerische Archaologie
Zeitschrift fur schweizerische archaologie und Kunstgeschichte 0044-3476
Zeitschrift fur Stadtgeschichte, Stadtsoziologie und Denkmalpflege
Zentralblatt der Bauverwaltung
Zhar ptiatasa
Zimbabwe environment & design : ZED
Zlatayarez = Golden section 1210-4760
Zodiac 0394-9230
Zodiac 0394-9249
Zolotoe runo