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> Computer and Information Systems Abstracts Factsheet

Computer and Information Systems Abstracts Classification Codes


The codes below display in the CL: Classification field.

The “general” classification codes are searchable. For example, to search for records on hardware in general, enter


To search for records on the types and design styles of hardware, enter


To search for all records with classification codes beginning with 1 (i.e., classification code 10 and all its subheadings), enter


10 Hardware (General)
11 Types and Design Styles
12 Control Structures and Microprogramming
13 Performance and Reliability
20 Computer Systems Organization (General)
21 Operating Systems
22 Processor Architectures and Process Management
23 Storage Management
24 File Systems Management
25 Computer Communication Networks
26 Security and Protection
30 Information Systems (General)
31 Database Design and Management
32 Information Storage, Retrieval, and Analysis
33 Internet and Intranet Applications
34 Multimedia Information Systems
35 User Interfaces
40 Computer Programming (General)
41 Programming Languages
42 Data Structures and Programming Techniques
43 Compiler Design
50 Mathematics of Computing (General)
51 Theoretical Computation
52 Numerical Analysis, Simulation, and Modeling
53 Discrete Mathematics
54 Probability and Statistics
60 Artificial Intelligence (General)
61 Problem Solving, Control Methods, and Search
62 Deduction
63 Evolutionary Computation
64 Learning
65 Robotics, Expert Systems, and Applications
66 Pattern Recognition
70 Software Engineering (General)
71 Software Design and Development
72 Verification, Testing, and Debugging
73 Distribution, Maintenance, and Enhancement
80 Computer Applications (General)
81 Engineering and Sciences
82 Life and Medical Sciences
83 Social and Behavioral Sciences
84 Arts and Humanities
85 Computers in Other Systems
90 Computing Milieux (General)
91 The Computer Industry
92 History of Computing
93 Computers and Education
94 Management of Computing and Information Systems