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> Engineered Materials Abstracts Factsheet

Engineered Materials Abstracts Classification


The codes below display in the CL: Classification field.

The headings in square brackets are not classification codes and do not appear in the classification code field; they are subject headings to show the organization of the classification codes.

A1 Constitutional and Structural Hardening
A2 Microstructure
A3 Atomic Properties
A4 Irradiation

[Testing Methods and Analysis]
B1 Structural Analysis
B2 Testing and Quality Control
B3 Chemical Analysis

[Properties and Characteristics]
C1 Mechanical Properties
C2 Physical Properties
C3 Electrical and Magnetic Phenomena
C4 Chemical and Electrochemical Properties
C5 Corrosion

[Engineered Materials Production]
D1 Raw Materials
D2 Materials Development

E1 Casting and Molding
E2 Working and Forming
E3 Machining
E4 Powder Metallurgy
E5 Joining
E6 Heat Treatment
E7 Surface Treatment

F1 Engineering Components and Structures

G2 Special Publications