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> International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) Factsheet

International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) Field Descriptions

Access Number/Abstract Number
The online record Access Number represents the unique number used to identify each IPA abstract. This is the same number that precedes the abstract in the print product. The number is an intelligent number. The first one or two digits represent the print product volume number and the remaining digits represent each individual abstract in that volume.

The title of the online record is the Title (translated into English if the Title in the original article appeared in another language) of the primary journal article. If in the original article, the Title begins with an article (i.e., a, an, or the) those words are omitted from the abstract Title. If a subtitle is included in the article, it follows a colon and is part of the IPA abstract Title.

As many as five Authors are included in an IPA record. If there are more than five Authors, the first four Authors and the last Author will be included followed by "et al." The Author's surname appears followed by a space, first name initial followed by a period and a space, and the initials of the middle name followed by a period. Titles or designations such as Jr. are not included. "Anon" is used in the Author field when Authors are not listed with the primary article.

The author or study Address is included in the IPA abstract whenever an address is included with the primary article. If a reprint Address is substantially different than the study Address and is also included with the article, that second Address will also be included in the IPA record. Abbreviations are used in Addresses for states, departments, and countries when the abbreviation is the commonly used designation.

Article Source/Abbreviated
The official abbreviated name of the Journal in which the primary article appeared is an IPA information field.

Article Source/Full Name
The Full Name of the journal in which the primary article appeared is also a separate information field.

The six character CODEN designation for journal titles is unique and is included as a separate field of information.

The 8 digit ISSN number which is a unique number for the journal name is a separate information field in IPA.

Publication Year
The Publication Year of the journal in which the primary article appeared is included as a separate field of information in IPA.

The Language in which the original article appeared in the primary journal is a separate information field in IPA.

Summary Language
If a Summary accompanied the article in the primary journal in a Language other than the language in which the article was printed, that Summary Language designation appears in a separate IPA field as an abbreviated term.

Document Type
The Document Type field in an IPA record indicates that the IPA abstract results from a column or item other than a printed article, such as Letters, Notes, Editorials, etc. The word "Review" will appear in this field of information if the article is an actual review article. Occasionally other information important to the source of material is included in this field such as an indication that the article has appeared in the translated version of a publication which may have different volume numbers, etc., than the original language publication.

Section Heading
One or more Section Heading designations are included for all IPA records. The Section Heading relates to the Section in which the abstract appeared in the print version of IPA. The section in which an abstract appears in print can be considered the "primary section" since an abstract is also assigned a related Section Heading des