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Materials Business File Classification


The codes below display in the CL: Classification field.

Each classification code begins with one of the following letters, indicating the type of material discussed in the record:

S: Steels
G: Nonferrous Metals
P: Polymers
C: Ceramics
D: Composites

Each classification code also contains a number, indicating the topical coverage of the record. The number codes are as follows:

1 Fuel, Energy Usage, Raw Materials, Recycling
2 Plant Development and Descriptions
3 Engineering, Control and Testing, Machinery
4 Environmental Issues, Waste Treatment, Health and Safety
5 Product and Process Developments
6 Applications, Competitive Materials, Substitution
7 Management, Training, Regulations, Marketing
8 Economics, Statistics, Resources and Reserves
9 World Industry News, Company Information, General Issues

For example, a record on applications of composite materials would have the following content in its CL field:

D6 Applications, Competitive Materials, Substitution

To recall records with a given classification code, only the letter and the number are needed. For example, to search by classification code for records on environmental issues involving steels, enter


To search for records on environmental issues involving nonferrous metals, enter