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> Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts Factsheet

Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts Classification Codes


The codes below display in the CL: Classification field.

The general classification codes are searchable. For example, to search for records on aerospace engineering in general, enter


To search for records on the aerospace engineering of aircraft, enter


To search for all records with classification codes beginning with 1 (i.e., classification code 10 and all its subheadings), enter


10 Aerospace Engineering (General)
11 Aircraft
12 Spacecraft
13 Rockets and Missiles
14 Satellites, Probes, and Space Habitats
20 Automotive Engineering (General)
21 Automobiles, Trucks, and Buses
22 Motorcycles
23 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
24 Tanks and Armored Vehicles
25 Earthmoving and Construction Machinery
26 Agricultural and Farm Machinery
27 Industrial and Materials Handling Machinery
28 Other Sporting and Recreational Vehicles
30 Railway Engineering (General)
31 Railroad Rails and Structures
32 Locomotives
33 Passenger, Freight, and Tank Cars
34 High Speed Trains
35 Rapid Transit Railways
36 Monorails
37 Magnetic Levitation Railways
38 Roller Coasters
40 Naval and Marine Engineering (General)
41 Shipbuilding
42 Passenger Ships
43 Cargo and Commercial Ships
44 Military Ships and Submarines
45 Non-Military Submersibles
46 Pleasure Craft
50 Mechanical Engineering for Industrial and Manufacturing Processes
51 Electric Power Generation
52 Industrial Machinery and Equipment
53 Industrial Robots and Automation
54 Health and Safety
60 Design Principles, Theory, and Analysis
61 Design Principles
62 Theoretical Mechanics and Dynamics
63 Mathematics and Computation
64 Fuels and Propellants
70 Forensic Engineering
80 Management and Marketing