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METADEX Classification


The codes below display in the CL: Classification field.

The headings in square brackets are not classification codes and do not appear in the classification code field; they are subject headings to show the organization of the classification codes.

11 Constitution
12 Crystal Properties
13 Lattice Defects
14 Structural Hardening
15 Physics of Metals
16 Irradiation Effects

[Testing Methods and Analysis]
21 Metallography
22 Testing and Control
23 Analysis

[Properties and Characteristics]
31 Mechanical Properties
32 Physical Properties
33 Electrical and Magnetic Phenomena
34 Chemical and Electrochemical Properties
35 Corrosion

[Metal and Alloy Production]
41 Ores and Raw Materials
42 Extraction and Smelting
43 Refining and Purification
44 Physical Chemistry of Extraction and Refining
45 Ferrous Alloy Production
46 Nonferrous Alloy Production

51 Foundry
52 Working
53 Machining
54 Powder Technology
55 Joining
56 Thermal Treatment
57 Finishing
58 Metallic Coating

61 Engineering Components and Structures
62 Composites

72 Special Publications