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Ceramic Abstracts/World Ceramics Abstracts Classifications


The codes below display in the CL: Classification field.

The headings in square brackets are not classification codes and do not appear in the classification code field; they are subject headings to show the organization of the classification codes.

1 Abrasives
2 Art, Archeology, Design
3 Cements, Limes and Plasters
4 Ceramic-Metal Systems
5 Glass, Glass-ceramics, Vitreous Enamel
     5A Glass Chemistry
     5B Glass Properties
     5C Glass Processing
6 Structural Clay Products
7 Refractories
8 Whiteware
9 Electronics
     9A Dielectrics and Conductors
     9B Semiconductors
     9C Ferroelectrics
     9D Magnetic Materials
     9E Superconductors
10 Nuclear Materials
11 Production Processes and Equipment
12 Instruments and Test Methods
13 Kilns, Dryers, Furnaces and Fuels
14 Raw Materials
[Engineering Materials]
     15A Oxides
     15B Nonoxides
[Chemistry and Physics]
     16A Crystal Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Phases
     16B Physical Properties
     16C Processing Science
     16D Defects and Transport
     16E Microstructure and Characterization
     16F Oxidation and Corrosion
     16G Deformation, Strength, Fracture
[Business and Industry]
     17A General
     17B Commercial and Economic
     17C Legislation and Standards
     17D Environmental and Pollution
     17E Industrial Health and Safety
     17F Education